NEWS | Jenpoo is back!

Last year, if you can still remember, I blogged about one surprising moment among netizens. That is, the sudden shutting down of the website The website is popular for catering high-quality downloadable mp3 files of most Korean Pop music. It became popular for having almost all of K-Pop artists’ album catalogue, all organized together with the information available. Although considered piracy, users who are into Korean Pop can easily share the music files, their opinions to the music and easily request songs that aren’t present in the catalogue.

A few moments ago, while listening to Lamb of God’s 4th release, I checked out’s fanpage via Facebook. I heard it’s back and therefore, I tried checked it out myself. It is indeed true. Although I am not really sure what is the real reason behind Janpoo suddenly closing down, my expectations I posted before, “Rest in Peace Jenpoo. I know you guys who are working on that site will be back with a new name, new layout and better environment.” is indeed true. I feel great that it’s back. My purpose is to download songs from my favorite K-Pop acts and if I get satisfied, I’ll buy the album If I have the money. I am sure most netizens share the same reason as mine. Cheers!

|> Lamb of God – Pathetic


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