DOLCE & GABBANA | Le Bateleur, La Lune

December 26, I had the opportunity to shop at Duty Free Phils. together with my Mom, my Aunt, my sis and brother. There, we grabbed our own preferred fragrances. Honestly, I had a hard time which one I should choose. Every year, I choose one luxurious fragrance for myself. A few years ago, I picked Calvin Klein’s CKone twice. Next, I owned Davidoff Coolwater. My sister helped which one to choose, which is D&G Le Bateleur (The Bachelor), on the other hand, she unintentionally picked D&G La Lune.

Both fragrances comes with a simple yet elegant white carton case with a holiday-gift design and each of their logo on it.

The D&G 18 La Lune offers the women-ly fragrance itself, together with a fabricated white case with a D&G logo on it, which is made from synthetic leather (as pictured above).

The perfume itself is placed inside the case upon opening it (as shown above). The case of the D&G 18 is similar to an accesories holder, like those of nail polishers. It looks very glamorous and women will definitely fall for it.

D&G 1 Le Bateleur on the other hand, offers the fragrance itself, matched together with a white flat square-like case, also made of synthetic leather (shown above).

Just like the D&G Le Lune, this one is also placed inside the case by default. In fact, the case looks very luxurious and I’m sure men will also love it. The case looks a lot like a jewelry case where you put your wristwatch (gosh, my 5-year old Guess watch is missing), necklace, and other luxurious accesories.

Both these fragrances cost $62.00 each. I’m sure you can still avail this kind of gift-like set from Duty Free Phils.

All in all, D&G or Dolce & Gabbana did a very good thing in the holiday. Although both were released on or before the holidays of 2010, these luxurious fragrances are the perfect gift for couples this coming February (Valentines’ Day). Happy Valentines!

|> Hilary Duff – Beat of My Heart


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  1. Liked it!! :))

    BUt when you go to Divisoria, you’ll see a lot of D&G items, too!

    Those pirated ones. hihi… :))

  2. ur insanely cute hahaha.. a boy blogging about his new perfume.. FTW

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