TRAVEL | Century Park Hotel, RaiRaiKen

January 10, 2011

We went back to Century Park Hotel just to take home all of the things we bought back from Arysta Marketing, including my gaming chair. But before that, we decided to eat at a Japanese restaurant called Rai-Rai Ken, just beside the hotel’s building. Cool name, by the way. 🙂

What we ate there are, of course, japanese cuisine, such as various flavors/style of Japanese Ramyun and some other noodle.

After that japanese dinner, we went back to the hotel to get the things while a number of us, including me and my tita, stayed in the lobby, until we went together to the hotel’s open-coffee space.

There, we ordered different coffee. I remember, I fell in love to the lady serving my coffee, she’s cute enough for me 😀 Sadly, I forgot to atleast beg for her number. 😦 Anyway, we had so much fun that night, knowing that we’re being joined together with my tita and cousin.

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|> Girls’ Generation – Honey (Into the New World – The 1st Asia Tour Concert Live CD)


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