TRAVEL | Tagaytay City

January 15, 2011

Another day, another place. This time, the next trip would be, the beautiful place of Tagaytay. And since it is, I packed all of the necessary things I will need. Digital Camera? Check! Hoodies? Check! Extra Clothers? Check! Sunglasses? Check! Snacks? Check! What more? Anyway, we arrived there at around 10AM, a few hours before lunchtime.

I quickly look around the awsomeness of the place, the ocean, the sand, the hut, the boats, everything. I can’t believe that everything I’m seeing right now are part of my country. All hail, Philippines.

And then, we stayed at one of the resorts in Tagaytay, until lunchtime came and we ate our lunch there, including Chopsuey, Nilagang Bulalo and Adobong Chicken Feet. Great appetite.

I even went sleepy just because I lack of sleep, too excited for this experience. Anyway, after that great appetite, we decided to take and ride the boat, until we arrive near at the primary hotspot of this expedition, Taal volcano.

Finally we ride the boat. Everyone’s happy yet excited of how Taal volcano would look like, and how will everything turn out. Even Kuya Dani himself, though he’s been there before, he still felt the excitement.

Here’s a video of us riding the boat, take a look 😀

And once we arrived, I was like… “gosh…!”. So what did I see?

A. An Island
B. Koreans
C. Horses

The answer is… Actually all of it. An Island full of Koreans riding Horses making them look like the natives and us, Filipinos the Tourists <- that’s what my brother said when we came.

Each of us ride their own horse which costs 500php each for riding them for about 10~ kilometers up until you reach the top part of the crate. Up ahead you’ll see how beautiful this place is, really.

Finally, we reached the destination. As expected, many koreans are hanging out there, just like how many they are while we’re still riding the horses. There are also a place there where you can buy souvenirs like T-shirts.

Up ahead, instead of buying those souvenir T-shirts, I think we will need something to drink first. My mom decided to buy coconut juice and then after a few photo moments, we finally agreed to go back to where we started. We ride back using the horse, the boat and finally to Kuya Dani’s White-painted Toyota Avanza.

Inside the car, I took a quick nap until the car stopped by to a well-known town church of Tagaytay. We visit it and then went back to the car then we stopped by again, but this time, in PAGCOR. Unable to pass the entrance bacause I AM STILL A MINOR, I just let the time pass by while I stay in the lobby and they enjoyed some games inside.

And finally we came home, back to Tiara Oriental Hotel, took a rest with a smiling face. All satisfied. That’s how a family vacation should be. End.

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