TRAVEL | Century Park Hotel, Tiara Oriental Hotel, Seafoof Market, Harrison Plaza

As the brand new year came, the best thing to do is to start your year with cool new experiences, things that are real new to you. After my stepdad arrived in the country, January 7, 2011, we stayed in a hotel named Century Park Hotel. Currently owned by famous Filipino-Chinese businessman in my country, Lucio Tan, Century Park Hotel surely attracts a lot of tourists from Asian countries, as well as the other continents.

Our first night was just a plain and simple dinner together with the family. We ate a few of the Hotel’s midnight offerings such as sandwiches, hamburger and some more noodle soup. After all, everyone went back to their respective bed, including myself.

As the morning came, everyone went downstairs just to eat the morning breakfast served by the waiters and waitresses of the hotel. Food. I really like how it is being served. Buffet style. That means, you can eat all you want, how many you want, until your stomach feels like it’s bursting. Satisfied.

After all, we went back home for a couple of hours and check everything out. Took some shots together and pack things up, things that we’ll be using in a couple of days during our stay in the hotel.

Back in the hotel, I managed to take some shots of how the room looked like. It is indeed a classy-hotel. I swear to you, everything is made of quality materials, and, my gosh, a 40-inches Toshiba HDTV up and running right in front of my eyes.

And as the beautiful sun sets, I took a glimpse of how the city of Makati looks like, way different at how Quezon City was. Buildings, luxurious cars, shopping malls, classy people. Outside, there’s the Harrison Plaza, SM Harrison as well as a Shopwise branch.

Our next stop for the day after arriving back in the hotel is to eat dinner in a Seafod restaurant near the hotel. Getting ready, everyone’s so busy organizing things, but not me. I’m busy goofing around, as you can see.

Now that we’re already in the restaurant, I was like, “whoa!”. Everything’s so cool. The name’s Seafood Market, everything in this restaurant are indeed, seafoods.

The moment everything’s ready, it’s time to taste them all and finally finish up with a bunch of healthy fruit.

After eating all of those creatures (kekeke), it’s time to wrap up and get back to the hotel to get some sleep. But before that, I should atleast read a couple of pages in my newest VB2008 book by Copernicus P. Pepito. While I’m reading, my brother and sister tried the hotel’s very own WiFi internet connection with their new Tri-Core AMD Phenom Toshiba Satellite A665 laptops.Cool notebook.

The next morning, January 8, 2011, we ate breakfast hurriedly and then went to SM Harrison and all the way to Harrison Plaza. There, we shopped together.

By the way, just before going to the mall, we transferred to Tiara Oriental Hotel, a few kilometers away from Century Park Hotel. And then, we came back, my mom bought my brother his Nokia C6. Great phone, I would say. Until we came pass to a shop named Arysta Marketing, where they sell products of a multi-national company called INEX. There, we bought the INEXTRON gaming chair I’m using right now in my PS3, bundled together with massage chair, mult-purpose cooker, kitchenware, foot massager, and some more. Cool stuff.

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