2006 | The Restless

Movie Information:

Korean Title: 중천 (Joongchun)
Directed By: Jo Dong-oh
Produced By: Kim Seong-soo
Released: December 20, 2006
Genre: Fictional Fantasy; Romance

Storyline (Spoiler Warning):

중천 (Joongchun) or most commonly known by its english title, The Restless, is a 2006 fictional fantasy movie set in an unknown era wherein Angels and Demons continuously fight one another until the time the Demons decides to threaten both the human world and the purgatory. The human world, being chased by the Demons, were protected by Demon slayers. Although considered as heroes, one demon slayer named Yi Gwak (Jung Woo Sung) who’s considered to be a hero by a few, suffered from his job as the townsmen killed his lover Yon-hwa (Kim Tae Hee). One night, after a chase with the townsmen, he found himself in an unknown place called Midheaven. Midheaven is a place where dead people wander and spend 41 days before being transferred to either heaven or hell. To reach heaven, you must do good deeds to your fellows within that remaining days. However, Yi Gwak later found out that he is still alive, as people in Midheaven do have marks in their chest. Later on in the story, he met Midheaven’s hero, So-hwa (Kim Tae Hee). Being shocked by how So-hwa and his lover, Yon-hwa, resembles each other, he soon reached her only to find out that the girl does not remember anything. Still believing that the girl is in fact, So-hwa, he joined her during her quest/mission for protecting the people of Midheaven against the Demon and even the Demonhunters. Not being able to choose between following his demonslaying mentor Ban-chu (Heo Jun-Ho) or to continue chasing her lover, he soon decided to follow So-hwa after knowing from Ban-chu that she is indeed Yon-hwa.

Fighting against the Demons and Demonhunters, So-hwa later regained her memories until the day both of them defeat the Demons and most importantly, ended the Demonhunters’ faction. Both of them died, happily.

Main Cast of Characters:

Jung Woo-Sung as Yi Gwak

Kim Tae-Hee as So-hwa / Yon-hwa

Heo Jun-Ho as Ban-chu

So E-Hyun as Hyo

Park Sang-Uk as Yeo-wi

Kim Kwang-Il as Woong-Gwi

Yu Ha-Jun as Woong-gul

Most Appreciated Line in the Story:

What changes the world is the love for people and the world.” – Yi Gwak (Jung Woo Sung)

Movie Snapshots:

Recommended Goodies:

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Last Thoughts:

Overall, it is indeed a good fantasy movie. Considering that it is already 5 years ago, still the hype and freshness of the creativity the producer, cast and crew, are highly appreciated. In fact, both the lead actors, Kim Tae Hee and Jung Woo Sung, had an awesome chemistry. Atleast they made me cry for a moment. I’ll give it 9/10.

Credits: Asianmediawiki.com + Wikipedia.org (for some ideas so I can create my own words very well)

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