2010 | Call of Duty Black Ops

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Genre(s): First-person Shooting
Mode: Single-Player; Multi-Player
First Released: November 9, 2010
Played on: Microsoft Windows

I have been playing this game for quite a while now, finished the single-player campaign mode, tried the Zombies mode, drink a cup of milk and sleep like a baby. Finally, I have decided to make a review about this game, including my thoughts about it.

The last FPS game we talked about was EA’s 2010 reincarnation of Medal of Honor. So far, it’s a great game. Unlike some folks who says that it’s just a crappy fps game, as for me, it’s the opposite. Because of that, I’m gonna make a contrast between MoH and the new Call of Duty game, Black Ops.

Everyone knows how famous Call of Duty is, as a FPS game. As famous as Medal of Honor? no. As famous as Resistance? no. As famous as KillZone? maybe. As famous as Battlefield? maybe. So now you learned that Call of Duty is a top-tier FPS game series. And because of that, fps gamers put on a lot of high expectations in the latest game. After that epic-ness both Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 offered for the last 2 years, I’m sure this is another all-kill release.

What I value the most in playing fps games are its content. Graphics? not really. My system is already a 2-year old high-end X58 nehalem equipped with Intel Core i7 CPU, 6gigs of RAM and an HD 4850. As you can see, my GPU has been quite an old card now, and because of that, I do not expect superior performance even if I’m just using DirectX 9. However, as I play the game, what I’m not expecting is what I’m seeing right now. Awesome graphics. Configuration? All in highest settings, except my resolution. My monitor can only handle resolution up to 1366×768. Full HD or just HD, just so leave it to that. Objects and textures are just made fine. Treyarch did well.

How about Gameplay? maybe. I do care atleast a little in terms of gameplay. As you can see, FPS games in PC mostly do have the same controls, and other gameplay options. Black Ops remained to what we call “standard”, but what’s more interesting is the addition of gamepads. Whether it’s just a cheap CD-R King gamepad, a high-end Logitech gamepad, or your console’s DualShock 3 / XBOX 360 controller, it’ll work fine. Good idea? for some reason, it is.

Now how about story? of course. The quality of the game remains inside its story, and without it, it’ll just be pure heartless game. Black Ops is another Call of Duty game based on our history. Believe it or not, Kennedy is in here. You play Mason, an aggressive fictional soldier who has been captured and experimented by the Soviet Union. Set in the Cold War era in Vietnam, the game follows the torture made to Mason and the biochemical weapon, Nova 6. Not that I’m slow or what, but I find the story un-interesting. Maybe because it is set in an era I’m not interested to, unlike games in modern setting. Also, I do not find any satisfaction in the game’s story because there are lesser twists on. For example, in the beginning, you will already have the idea that Mason have a mind-problem, and because of that, the word “excitement” and “thrill” is not a good thing to describe it. Lastly, unlike games I have played before, this game lacks the dramatic aspects. People play games because they want to witness the scenes on it and express a variety of expression and emotion. As it lacks drama, I can describe this game as just “pure aggressive shooting game”. I’m so sorry for criticizing the game, I’m just saying what I thought about it. In anyway, I would like to praise the game for those cool rides. As you play the game, Mason and other major characters of the game can’t just walk and shoot enemies. We have Choppers, Airfighters, Jeeps, all present and playable in the game. Cool, isn’t it?

Once you finish the story, you unlock this game called Zombies. If you’re a CoD fan, I’m sure you have seen this before, in World at War. Not much interesting, though. Basically, this mini-game let’s you kill Zombies, protect yourself, earn points and submit it online to the scoreboard and compare with other players. And you can play Kennedy here!

Before I forget, here are some more YouTube gameplay videos of the game withe same settings mentioned above. Sorry for having occasional lags. Explanation: I’m using Fraps to capture it and by the time I start recording, I was actually downloading some “we don’t need to mention” stuff plus, I only have 1 harddisk installed so it came out like this. Poor stressed harddisk.

Final Score: 8.5/10. I love every single part of the game, except the story of this crazy Mason. Still, Treyarch did an awesome job. Now time to wait for Modern Warfare 3!

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  1. Alright, I’m a serious COD fan and I logged almost a month on Modern Warfare 2, and a little over a half a month on all the other COD titles. You all know what the prestige edition comes with, as it is all listed above, but is it truly worth the extra money?

    It’s hard to say. It certainly cool and I waited outside of my local Best Buy at 9pm before the…

  2. I had never been a fan of the franchise, preferring to do my shooting in the more Arcady Half-Life engine, Halo, Fear etc…

    Then I played Modern Warfare, and loved it. You felt free to act. On veteran, the game was challenging. The worlds were large, and the enemies didn’t re-spawn to infinity. This allowed you to actually be creative in your strategy,…

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