NEWS | Here comes Firefox 4!!!

Earlier this day, my web browser, Mozilla Firefox, looked something like this:

Firefox 3.6.16

Equipped with a custom SNSD Hoot persona, my own firefox 3.6.16 surely makes a win-win situation. What I like the most in computer applications are their ability to customize itself, provide great security and fast performance. Firefox might not be the fastest, yet I can claim it’s faster than IE, just behind this overrated Google Chrome.

March 22, the newest version of Firefox finally came out. The 4.0. So a few minutes ago, I decided to upgrade my 3.6.16 to the new 4.0 and enjoy the new redesigned interface and other exciting new features. After reading some documentation and some more info regarding the new firefox, I thought about my own personal settings. Finally it came out good. My own personal settings such as the Personas I am using throught the years can still be used. So, I started downloading and installing the new firefox 4.0 while eating something (jjampong, to be exact). To my surprise, it came out like this:


As you can see, it came out as good as what I did not expect. It’s not my first time using the 4.0, but I have tried using some Beta and release candidates over some months, and honestly speaking, I am not very satisfied. The first time I tried the Beta version, I got pissed of. The fact that Personas are still not working, and some more Add-ons and plug-ins are un-usable, in general, the Beta version is useless. So I stick to version 3.6. Finally, the guys from Mozilla made Personas and some other common plug-ins working in 4.0. Unfortunately, 2 of my plug-ins aren’t working. But anyway, with 4.0, I am very satisfied. Compared to IE9, I’m still gonna stick with Firefox.

Aside from bringing back Personas, the 4.0 is also equipped with a different interface, and as you can see,the Menu Bar has been removed, but instead, put them all in a single “Firefox” drop-down menu located in the upper left corner of the browser. On the other hand, 4.0 can now handle HTML5 written pages as well as an improved security engine. Here, you can see my own Firefox 4.0 browser in window mode:


I’ve been using the new 4.0 for… let’s say… 20 minutes. And as far as I can tell, I found some not-a-big-deal bugs. Well, as I have said, they’re no big deal, so you people shouldn’t take it too seriously. One thing is, during window mode, when I move the window, it’s not as smooth as the previous version, or atleast it’s not as smooth as a normal window. Well, it’s a bit annoying to see, but the fact that I’m always using my browser in fullscreen mode, I can guarantee that this issue is not a big deal. I’m not experiencing it anymore, good news. The second thing are the letters/fonts. It’s not that it’s ugly or what. It’s just different and I think it’s not normal. Maybe there’s some option to tweak these things. And somehow, I can’t tweak it. No option is available. Try clicking the picture above, you’ll see the texts aren’t as fine as it is before, and no, it’s not the ClearType issue, I have tried that solution and it still remains like that. I believe it’s a real bug, and I hope the dev team of Mozilla would work on it, coz’ so far, it’s the only annoying thing about Firefox 4. You wouldn’t want our eyes to get as bad as you grandma, do you?

All in all, Firefox 4.0 is the new masterpiece of Mozilla, and I agree with that. From top to bottom, from interface to security, it is indeed a masterpiece. So I recommend it to everyone. That’s all, goodnight 🙂

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