PlayStation® Home [March 28, 2011]

Last 28th of March, I decided to visit my avatar in PlayStation® Home, to check for new updates such as game spaces, new rewards and some other changes in PlayStation® Home (Asian/Hong Kong server). I used my primary asian account (ID: kenokenopi) and then proceeded to Harbour Studio (my own space).

So far, there are quite new rewards I owned. First, I’ve got a special KillZone 3 T-shirt and equipped it right away to my avatar. Also, there’s that fancy bottoms. Not sure what game it appeared, maybe TEKKEN? And some more goodies from LittleBigPlanet. Oh, and they’re completely a free reward. 🙂

I also decided to visit and create my avatar for PlayStation® Home (US server) using my US account (ID: kenokenopi_US). Unfortunately, it was offline at that moment. Maybe the US server is updating or something.

|> Metallica – The Four Horsemen

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