What’s your 2011 April Fool’s Day joke?

The month of April has finally come and people get so excited about one thing. The responsibility to make jokes and fool someone! It’s the April Fool’s day and everyone, whether at home or not, even the internet, have made some pretty funny pranks.

First of all, we have been fooled for the third time in 3 consecutive years by Soshified, this time it’s about Justin Bieber and SNSD’s collaboration song, as well as the new ssf layout that fooled so many SONEs around the globe.

Good work, Soshified! I can see how talented our graphic artists are. I even twitted @soshified about it the time I receive the news,

But that does not end everything. A few hours later, a news are surfacing the internet about American Pop singer, Rebecca Black, about being a former SM Entertainment trainee, a friend of Jessica, about her being the concept designer of Run Devil Run (and not Ke$ha). And the biggest of them all is about her and the girls of Soshi collaborating for Rebecca Black’s own song entitled Friday, resulting into Black Friday, for their Korean comeback. Big or small fuss, SONEs have been tricked once again. That’s two strikes Soshified! I, myself even got tricked!

Now, how about you? What trick did you do? As for me, I decided not to send any SMS to one of my friend. I only sent a personal message saying “I lost two of my cellphone this morning, they’ve been snatched from me and I don’t know what to do!” via Facebook in the afternoon. The truth is, both are with me, working and I even receive all of the messages. On the other hand, I was actually playing the hard mode of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. It was hard, though. Took me 3 nights. The good news is that, I finally finished it that night and now the last thing to do is to finish the game in Crushing Mode, then I can finally achieve the Platinum Trophy.

Later that night, I decided to make things more complicated. I borrowed my sister’s cellphone to send another message regarding my “missing cellphones”. It’s worrisome. However, I came to a decision to stop the joke already.

I know it wasn’t the best laughable joke ever, not even a good joke, but the point is, atleast I’ve done something weird this day. 🙂

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