DIARY | Goodbye Sweet Potatoes…

Okay so first off, if you haven’t read the news, our favorite YongSeo couple or more commonly known as the Guguma (Sweet Potato) couple’s marriage life has finally come to an end. We Got Married season 2 surely brought us great laughter and some knowledge about being in a relationship and marriage through the shortness of the 9-month-relationship-but-still-going-strong of Jo Kwon and Ga In (aka the Adam couple), and to make it more entertaining, we have the foreigners Nichkhun and Victoria (aka KhunToria couple). But that doesn’t end here, coz’ WGM brought us an unexpected couple with Yonghwa and Seohyun (aka Sweet Potato couple).

It was sad, I admit. That it’s Sweet Potato’s turn to say goodbye to us viewers. My family and I enjoyed watching these two for quite a while. We were like the happiest when things get right between the two. I will miss Sweet Potatoes the most, a food the two enjoy to eat. Now that’s all, it’s time for me to join my other housemates coz’ Paulo said he’ll treat us to an overnight drinking party. What it would be like will be a secret for now :). Anyway, before I forget, here’s 4 words to cry out (and definitely not to choke upon, sorry BFMV).

Goodbye Sweet Potato couple ~

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