EVENT | Good Charlotte: Live in Manila

I heard about the news through Good Charlotte’s website, as well as a newly created Facebook eventpage only for the event. After knowing that my long-time idols are coming back to my country, all my hope rose suddenly.

I started listening to Good Charlotte songs the time after my Dad passed away some months after my 13th birthday. It was 2005 and the band is currently promoting their 3rd effort entitled “The Chronicles of Life and Death”, and their latest carrier single called “Predictable”. That time, I’m not yet into real heavy metal bands, but only those popular ones whose music videos are always viewable in either MTV or MYX. The Chronicles of Life and Death, basically it is a concept album about every person’s life after being born in this world, the opportunity to live gracefully, have annoying problems, have a family and die. That record really helped me a lot to understand why my Dad left us, me being the weakest among the three of us. I remember this song called “We Believe”. That song always make me remember my suffering back then, and how I coped up with my own teenage problems, with just a little advice from my family. Thinking of those times right now makes me feel stronger, saying that after all, “I made it”.

The 3rd quarter of 2005 was an opportunity to for me to see these guys in person. It was a concert of the band brought by Pulp Magazine. They’re gonna be here in my country to perform in Folk Arts Theater with some local bands like Chicosci, Kamikaze, etc on the 8th of July.

Although I have no money coz’ I was just a highschool stundent, I still managed to buy myself their album plus a Pulp Magazine with them as the cover. Oh, and it has a free gen-ad ticket to the concert! Here, take a look:

Thanks to Pulp, I have a ticket to ride… But as you can see, it’s still there, it’s sill in my side. Why? that’s definitely because I did not go, I have no one to invite, thinking that there’s only one ticket. And even if I have the courage to go, my Mom would get worried, and I don’t want that. 😦

In anyway, after all the years and my patience, even after those new great bands I learned, they are still my number one and now they’re going back to my country to sing. And this could be my opportunity to see them live, in my own eyes. My opportunity to tell the Madden twins how much they’re like an idol to me, to tell Billy Martin how great he is now when doing those guitar solos, as well as Dean, and to tell Paul that we share the same birthday, October 5! Oh, and I heard in the news that our Benji will have a tattoo session here!

Let’s find out on the 6th of April, 6PM in Glorietta Activity Center!

|> Good Charlotte – Movin’ On


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