DIARY | Violet and Blue for Violent People

Who says having 4 members in an overnight drinking party is booooring? It is, unless you have a bunch of drinks chilled with ice, playing cards and a good game in mind to make moments.

Last night, we have Paulo our friend who treat us to a drinking party. Our favorite Tanduay Ice and some spicy chicken feet completes the menu.

To make it fun, we played a card game called “Heart Attack”. If you don’t have an idea about that card game, forget it. ^^ You might get addicted and start inviting people at your house just to try it. Oh, and don’t even try, you will need to have atleast 3 players to enjoy the game.

I was very out-of-luck last night. The loser in every game gets a splash of face powder, lipstick, eye-liner and lastly, just like what our YongSeo couple did in episode 48 of We Got Married, an Ice hitting your back! Unfortunately, I am always been the loser and I’m being tortured by these 3 one by one. However, as the time goes by and the game progresses, we finally all have weird facepaints!

Look at Paulo, he’s like endorsing something…

And this girl over here, complains very much!

Now, now, do I look like a member of Slipknot? How about… The Misfits? o.O

I almost forgot, as the title of this post says, we all unexpectedly wore either Violet-colored shirt or Blue-colored ones. I repeat, it is unexpected!

We stopped playing and drinking til’ 12:30 am and everyone go washed themselves then finally, went to bed. But before I went, I took a glimpse of the Episode 15 and 16 of We Got Married’s Khuntoria couple, wherein Vic-omma invited their f(x) daughters and Khun-appa, altogether went to Caribbean Bay. That’s all, anyway. 🙂

|> Good Charlotte – Silver Screen Romance


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