NEWS | 2 Days to go for PSN, 1 month free PS+…!

We all knew the news, from here, that our PlayStation’s online service, the PlayStation Network will be up and running again starting on May 3. And that’s 2 days to go.

Well, Sony and company agreed to something that will make their users get attracted and start using the service again. That is, free 1 month subscription to the PlayStation Plus service. For those who are regular PlayStation Network users, they will have a free one month free trial of the said service. On the other hand, users who are already subscribed to the service will have the chance to get free 1 month instead of paying their bill for that month. Good thing? for some I guess.

Because of this free blah~blah, I’m getting more excited to go and play multiplayer games again. It’s ben a while and that’s what I’m feeling. I’m sure you too…! xoxo

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