40,000 Hits!!!

The title says it all. And Twitter says it all. Mistercomputer has finally reached the 40K mark. Great thing? of course. The Author of this weblog would like to express his happiness. It really made my morning feel good and it’s been a while I’ve since been so excited for another chapter of this blog.

From the start of this blog, and the start of my blog-life which can be traced back in late 2008, Mistercomputer’s main objective is to be my cyber diary, with some extras such as news about K-pop and other music genres, software development-related stuff, cool downloadable goodies and game reviews. Over the years, that’s nearly 4 years, Mistercomputer expanded its line with a more of an all-in-one or general blogging technique, which brought me the challenge as I’m also finishing up my college degree at those times. For that 4 years, I have made almost 20 game reviews, a few movie reviews, the addition of the ‘fashion’ category, as well as connecting my external sites accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, via WordPress.com’s connected accounts feature or just through the External Sites page. The development does not stopped there. I recently managed to transfer almost all the photos I posted before that are uploaded via Facebook, and now they’re in my Photobucket account, that includes PlayStation Home photos and a lot more.

I achieved the 30,000 mark back in February, when I had to do the coverage for the Heavy Metal category for this year’s Grammy, the time I was really busy for vacation. Thinking of it, I have won 10,000 audiences to read my blog for just 2 months.

Now that I reached the 40K mark, more plans means more content, and more content means more audience. I still have a long way to go. Here are my current plans for the next chapter for Mistercomputer:

– Make more PlayStation 3 XMB Theme. (An audience recently requested for a T-ARA theme.)
– Re-organizing ‘Fashion’ category and the addition of ‘Health’ section.
– Re-organizing ‘External Sites’ and publishing the ‘About the Author’ and ‘About the Blog’ pages.
– I have plans for establishing a One-man Tagalog and English subbing team. Name currently undecided.
– More Movie and TV-related content and also, Music content.
– The addition of ‘FanFics’ to the Projects section. (I’m already working for a really big title based on true story.)

These plans are all currently just plans. Soon, I’ll be coming home as a Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science, and will be looking out for jobs. Good luck to me coz’ that’s gonna be a busy moment but as long as there is Internet Connection and there are audiences, this blog will never close down. Actually, I did not listed this one above but as you can see, there is a ‘SoftDev’ label in the menu so that means, I have plans for stuff related to my field. Anticipate it!

I would like to thank the following sites: TipidPC.com, Soshified.com, Kim-Taehee.com, Aff(x)tion.com, IHeartFX.com, SJ-World.net, Wild2Day.org. These are the sites I mostly share my projects to, including those custom PlayStation 3 XMB themes. Also to my college friends, Carlo Basas, Lasdil Elizaga, Earl Locquiao, Jeson Broniola, John Michael Conte, and a lot more, to my family, to the members of TipidPC’s SNSD thread, thank you. To my friends at Soshified and HOME, thank you. To my future wife, wherever you will be and when will you show up, still, thank you. 🙂

And to every single one of you who take time to read even one single sentence in my blog, really thank you. You are and will always be part of this achievement.

|> Foo Fighters – The Pretender


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I'm Ken. Blogger. Programmer. Instructor. Gamer.

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