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Hi there peeps! It’s been a long time so here, I’m gonna show you what I’m currently into. Right now, I’m waiting for a job to accept me but while waiting, I did a lot good deeds for my fellow people. Just a few days ago, I finished making 4 XMB Themes for the PlayStation 3, one with Park Bom, 2 T-Ara themes and a SNSD-Intel Visual Dreams concept theme. I hope people who download those stuff are happy with it. Next, I just finished downloading all the episodes of SBS Paradise Ranch, but haven’t watched all of it yet. And because of that, I finally had the opportunity to start downloading the 2005 drama Couple or Trouble. I heard it’s really a funny comedic-romance series, but nothing can beat my fandom to the HeonHee couple from MBC My Princess, just saying. On the other hand, I started to play this game I will not mention the name right now. Below is a picture containing 2 screenshots of 2 different games. One thing is for sure: both are RTS war games. The left one is a game I started to play since highschool, and even the whole family loves it. The right one is a new craze in town, a new candidate to takeover “My Best RTS Game”, check it out below and don’t forget to GUESS THE GAME!:

|> Metro Station – Kelsey

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