Couple or Trouble – Episode 1 Recap

Hi all, it’s my first time recapping a drama so now I’ll start with the first episode of MBC Couple or Trouble.

Episode 1 starts off with Chul-soo (Oh Ji-ho) with his bestfriend in the driveway. They may look like they are being chased or they are chasing some gangsters, but no, not at all. It’s just a sort of spoof as an introduction. They are actually working…and believe it or not, they’re plumbers. And that time, they’re gonna repair the public bath. Yes, the public bath or the so-called sauna, where ahjummas love to hang out and chit chat all the way as the sun goes down.

After introducing Chul-soo, here comes the heroin of the series, Jo Anna (Han Yeseul). Jo Anna was a billionaire came to South Korea all the from the US. She is married and loves to make small things big. At first, you’ll find her very arrogant, but later… well. She owns a cat (I don’t know what breed is that) and is named “Princess”. She cares more about her cat than her husband. Why? Because her husband is plainly a poor man who just became rich because of her. The scene starts off with her beating everyone in a bidding competition for a famous painting, beating even the daughter if the painter. 1,000,000? yes.

After all, she’s coming back to korea and follow her husband. Arriving in the Airport in a very unpleasant manner, she drover herself in the road but sadly, it’s raining and because of that, it seems to be confusing to drive on the road. Soon, her car was stuck.

A few minutes later, Chul-soo saw her stuck in the road. Chul-soo just came from a work in a laundry shop, and even begged for scraps from the owner, including a female mannequin. Chul-soo, without a doubt, tried helping her, of course for money. He asked for 30,000won and Jo Anna (Han Yeseul) gave him that amount immediately. Chul-soo started working but realizing that it is not an easy job, he said to himself that he should asked 50,000won instead. Since Jo Anna can’t help him push the car forward, Chulsoo told her to stay in his car so that the car can be a little less heavy. While Chulsoo is busy digging up mud, Jo Anna saw blood from Chulsoo’s jacket inside the car.

Chulsoo, from far away, saw her looking at his jacket, which have all his money on its pockets. Because of the blood, Jo Anna became suspicious and tried taking a glimpse on the back compartment of Chulsoo’s car. With a flashlight, she saw a dead woman in blood, which is in reality, the mannequin scarp Chulsoo took from the laundry shop but it was covered by red paint.

Jo Anna felt anxious, and started attacking Chulsoo, but Chulsoo’s mind is focused on the money left in his jacket which Jo Anna is holding right that moment. Chulsoo was beaten and came home angrily, while Jo Anna soon realized that it wasn’t blood at all.

Taking a break from work, Chulsoo and his friend came to the town’s mart to buy drinks but once he saw the imported car parked outside the mart, he definitely remembered the woman who beat her last night. Jo Anna managed to get away. Frustrated, Chulsoo made his way to chase Jo Anna ans soon, they talked all the trashy things in the world.

However, as Jo Anna’s car getaway, her cat, Princess, came out of it and Chulsoo, himself saw the cat. Chulsoo immediately sold Princess for 500,000won. Jo Anna later realized her Princess has gone missing and started blaming Chulsoo right away. She came to Chulsoo’s place and as Chulsoo denied the cat, she run away with Chulsoo’s dog. Later, Jo Anna called Chulsoo.

Chulsoo made it to get Princess back and now his getting the cat back to Jo Anna, same situation with her.

The next scene, we’ll see Han Yeseul in bikini within her own yacht. Coincidentally, Chulsoo was appointed to repair the bathroom inside the yacht and later, he saw the cat again. Jo Anna, realizing that Princess is missing one more time, started looking for her and the moment she saw the cat, she also find out that Chulsoo was there. Both being surprised, Jo Anna slipped in the floor of the room and then Chulsoo managed to catch her right away.

So that’s how the first episode went out. Stay tuned as I recap the next episode after watching it !

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