NEWS | IM YOONA and SONEs are the trend!

Yesterday, we saw a lot of hollywood singers and artists names together with their respective fanclubs trending in The list includes Justin & Beliebers at #3, Taylor & Swifties at #4, Gaga & Monsters at #5, Demi and Lovatics at #6, and more.

Some K-Pop fanatics became really frustrated (including me) bacause the the day after that night is Girls’ Generation Yoona’s birthday, and of course, it’s a must to make Yoona up in the trends list. I did not sleep early because of this, trying to help other SONEs and non-SONEs. However, as I’ve checked right now, I can see IM YOONA in the 5th spot.

Surprisingly, SONEs is also trending. This is a very good news for K-Pop fans. I hope IM YOONA can make it to the number 1 spot. On the other hand, let us greet Yoona a happy birthday. 🙂

BTW, here are some of my posts last night:

That’s all, and please keep Yoona noona in the top trends.

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