Couple or Trouble – Episode 3 Recap

Here I go again for the recap of the 3rd episode of Couple or Trouble. First of all, I would like to fully credit WithS2 for subbing the series, and take note that screenshots I’m posting this time contains WithS2 materials, so full credits to them.

Episode 2 ended when Sang-shil remembered the time when she slipped once and Chulsoo catches her, thus, making her believe that Chulsoo is indeed her lover. Sang-shil tried kissing Chulsoo, that is, in front of Yu Kyeong, making Yu Kyeong feel a bit awkward. Chulsoo got angry as Yu Kyeong left, but the guy followed her immediately. Yu Kyeong congratulated Chulsoo for having new girlfriend after her. Back at home, Chulsoo tried scolding Sangshil but she told Chulsoo some requests, including clothes.

Billy came to his senses. He feels positive that Anna in not around anymore. This makes him comfortable now, as he can do anything he can’t do when Anna is around. Chulsoo borrowed clothes from his buddy’s sister, which are extraordinarily unfashionable. Sangshil seems to hate the clothes. On the other hand, Billy decided to give away all Anna’s fashionable clothes, and keep her things in the storage, also he found out that Anna bought an island aside from all her assets. While organizing Anna’s things, they found two shirts which are related to Chulsoo. They can be useful to find out Anna’s disappearance.

Back in Chulsoo’s place, Chulsoo gave Sangshil a daily routine plan so that she can remember her memories, but obviously it was just a way to make Sangshil do household choirs. However, even if Sangshil doesn’t like it, she still tried doing so. Later on, it looks like she broke the washing machine after putting all of the clothes inside. Everything was made in the wrong way, while Billy, her husband is currently doing her funeral.

After washing the clothes, Sangshil got hungry and toy around with the dog, while the boys, Chulsoo’s nephews came back home from school, each with their own snack. She asked them where did they bought the snacks, and also asked them for money so she can buy.

Billy decided to sell the yacht and while in conversation with Mr. Gong, he took his wedding ring out from his finger but lost it, which is reminiscent to how Anna lost her own. Later, Billy was in the driveway when they got passed on Anna/Sangshil’s sight, whose in her way to buy snack. However, both did not saw each other. Sangshil made her way to buy snack and met Kang Ja, a girl who lives in the neighborhood who is known for having mental disease. She gave Sangshil ice cream, but it was actually stolen from a store nearby. Without a choice, both run away, but coincidentally, Billy saw her running (to his senses, he thought he was getting haunted again by Anna). Later, they were both caught by the store ajhumma.

Chulsoo paid the store ajhumma for what Sangshil did. Sangshil went home with Chulsoo and started a quarrel. But Sangshil still feels hungry, thus Chulsoo decided to make her black bean noodles. While she is eating, Chulsoo went in and checked the house. He found out that everything was made in the wrong way, including the broken washing machine. Mr. Gong received a speeding case report of Anna, along with another calling card of Chulsoo. Back at home, Chulsoo scolded Sangshil again, about the choirs, however Sangshil start getting suspicious about everything Chulsoo said regarding her past memories.

Mr. Gong collected all the possible evidences useful for solving Anna’s disappearance, including Chulsoo’s calling card. Even though some things became clear, things like Anna is dating Chulsoo came out as the resuly of Mr. Gong’s analysis, making things more complicated. On the other hand, Chulsoo explains his relationship with Sangshil before, which is fake. Still, Sangshil doesn’t want to believe it, while Billy got angry for founding out that he was fooled by Anna.

Chulsoo went out to meet Yu Kyeong and then let go of their past relationship, including the watch Chulsoo gave to Yu Kyeong before. When he get back, he saw Sangshil in a painful nightmare. It turns to be that Sangshil was tired in that day. Chulsoo decided to take care of Sangshil that night. Sangshil ordered him to buy her black bean noodles, however he refused and slept.

On the other hand, Billy went to the address written in Chulsoo’s calling card, which is the construction office. They were asked by Chulsoo’s buddy to wait inside the office. Coincidentally, Sangshil called the office because she was told to use the insecticide by Chulsoo, but she doesn’t know how to use it. Because of that, Billy heard her voice. He almost pick up the phone but Chulsoo got it. Billy then assumed that he was really Chulsoo who is dating Anna that time, then went home.

Billy and Mr. Gong went to Chulsoo’s place. Sangshil was busy trying to figure out how to use the insecticide, but instead, suffocated herself inside.

That’s all. Once again, thanks to WithS2 subbing squad.

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