BLOG | 50,000 Hits!!!

Goodevening to all, it’s me again and I have good news for my readers. I was actually busy settling things up related to the job I’m currently aiming, then I went back home. Checking out mistercomputer’s control panel while listening to Arch Enemy’s latest effort, Khaos Legions, I found out that I have now achieved the “Thousands of Gold” mark. I finally have 50,000 hits from the time I started this blog!

I twitted about it immediately coz’ I really feel happy. Thinking that I achieved the 40,000 mark back on February, just less than 4 months ago, I think this makes mistercomputer to the next level.

In that 4 months long of life, I have updated everyone with the PlayStation Network’s sudden shutdown, the firmware 3.61, and its current ongoing comeback, also 3 new addition to my customized PlayStation XMB themes (T-Ara, T-Ara – YaYaYa, SNSD Intel, Park Bom), as well as establishing my very own one-man independent subbing squad, MCsubs, subbing WGM Khuntoria couple EP38, the review for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, SNSD Yoona’s birthday and trending in twitter, and lastly, one of my newest hobby right now, watching then writing recaps for MBC Couple or Trouble.

That’s a lot of content, but I believe I still have a long way to go to be one great famous blogger. Although my time for blogging might be cut down because I have work now, I will still do my best. Thank you to all who appreciate my works and my words. Thank you, friends. 🙂

Greetings to’s PlayStation 3 thread and SNSD (Girls’ Generation) thread. Goodevening!

|> Arch Enemy – Yesterday is Dead and Gone


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