EVENT | Intel Digital Showdown

After attending the launching of Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run Run and Hoot albums in Odyssey, on my way I spotted an Intel booth. I decided to check it out coz’ I’ve seen the music video of Girls’ Generation’s Visual Dreams playing straight from Intel’s HDTV. There, a woman in white Intel T-shirt spoke to me and asked me to register, and if I do, I’ll get a free Intel fan. And so I did it. The woman also asked me if I can give them a minute to participate in an activity called “Director’s Cut”. She told me that all I have to do is to become a director for a minute by asking the Mime what to do. And again, no doubt, I did it.

After that, they burned the video into a blank DVD, and later I watched it at home, and here you go:

The time I finished directing the Mime, had a picture with him and they gave another freebie, which is a tumbler. (Good for me coz’ I am so depressed that time not receiving the SNSD tumbler freebie from GG Revolution). Thanks to Intel Philippines!

By the way, the woman in an Intel T-shirt is cute. 🙂

|> 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) – Visual Dreams (Pop! Pop!) – Intel Collaboration Song


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