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Have you ever tried?

Have you ever tried taking a shower at night, together with your girlfriend?
Then there goes your aunty, waiting outside for several minutes with no idea what’s going on?

If you do, please feel free to vote in our poll below.

|> Paramore – That’s What You Get


Goddamn Love…

I’m in-love,
yet I don’t know when did it start.
She’s a fine, chic girl,
But still I know nothing about her.

The worst thing is that I’m not her only one,
I’m afraid I’m gonna lose her and one day she’s gone.
The good thing is that I love her and I know she loves me too,
that I trust her ’til the time she says “I do”.

I speak and pray to God every night,
asking for her guidance during her fight.
Right now while writing this my mind keeps on mumbling, saying “I miss you”,
It’s raining and I feel so lonely, I have no one to hug tonight.
I hope she’s with me so I can tell her that, “I am so in-love with you”.

|> Metro Station – Kelsey

DIARY | A month full of…

Dear Diary,

There’s so many words to say, but a little time to speak them all. I graduated and now, I’m in the front. Facing the students, with a very good posture. Having to re-apply everything I learned for the past 4 years, master it and now I’m sharing all of it. I chose this path for that’s what my heart wants to. Time will tell if I’m gonna regret it later or forever, but what’s important is I’m happy right now. Celebrities – my college professors. They’re the ones I look up to, the ones I admire, but I’m now one of them and together we will teach students and give hope to the industry.

I served my students for a month already, and learned a lot of things. One of those is to become happy for whatever I’m doing. Thanks to my great professors for being there whenever I have something I’m confused of. Thanks for all of it and I promise to be good, hard-working co-teacher. To my dearest students, the stress-removers, the challenge in work, and my new hope.

I’m sorry for having a little time to tell what’s in my mind. All I know is I’m happy and that’s all. P.S. 1 month already! Yeeehaaa!

|> Good Charlotte – Counting the Days

DEEPCOOL | Killer Whale

Last time, I had a problem with my Core i7 CPU. It burns its temperature for up to 75degrees and it’s quite alarming. Having been to a lot of forums, they said that Core i7 or Nehalem processors run as hot as that, so to make it easy to understand, an i7 cpu with 75degrees temperature is normal, and overclocking it means that you’ll eventually reach up to 100degrees or more! Pretty scary, to think that I live in a tropical country and it’s summer right now, folks. The included heatsink and fan of the i7 920 does it right but seems lacking. Thankfully I have saved a lot of money while I’m doing my OJT in ACI. Good thing, PCHub had a promo that when you buy an AeroCool VS-9, you’ll be entitled for a discount for some DeepCool products. I sold my Antec 300 that night to my fellow TPC user, and bought the new VS-9, plus the DeepCool Killer Whale. VS-9 cost me 2,100php and the discounted Killer Whale was 2,400php (originally 2,900). Good thing for me.

The Killer Whale is surely huge as you can see, but in reality, the larger means a better cooling solution. Despite I myself isn’t an overclocker or a huge modder, I was so surprised at how greatly my CPU’s temperature decreased. From 75degrees of max load, it fell down at 60degrees even if the weather is too hot. Thanks to the 6 sintered powder heatpipes as well as the 55 pieces of copper fins of the heatsink, the CPU won’t stay hot as hell. And huge thanks to its 120mm equipped PWM fan with LED lights, the hotness will be blown away easily.

The Killer Whale is said to be compatible to any competing AMD AM2+/AM3 processor of the current generation (as of writing this) aside from the new Nehalem-based processors (Core i3, i5, i7). At its box includes the Killer Whale, instruction guide, screws, thermal paste and compatibility bracket.

A friend from PCHub Fairview installed this Killer Whale for me, aside from transferring my hardware components from the Antec 300 to the AeroCool VS-9. Now it’s mounted to my Intel DX58SO motherboard.

In summary, the DeepCool Killer Whale features:

  • Equipped with multiple clips to support Intel LGA1366/1155/1156/775 and AMD AM3/AM2+/AM2.
  • 6 sintered powder heatpipes conduct heat from the processor quickly to protect it from overheating.
  • Mirror polished copper base gives perfect contact with the CPU surface.
  • 55 pieces of copper fins with big surface dissipate heat efficiently.
  • 120x120x48mm PWM fan with built-in blue LED, modding looking, offers a perfect balance between airflow and noise.
  • De-vibration rubber buckles absorb operating noise maximally.
  • Cool the CPU and the surrounding components like Mainboard, memory card, chipset, etc.
  • Tool free installation.
  • 150W solution, a perfect choice for overclockers.

You can find more of the technical specs and features of Killer Whale at the official website of DeepCool.

I had doubts that it won’t fit in the new AeroCool VS-9 casing I bought but thankfully, it did fit.

In conclusion, despite having it as the first DeepCool product I bought, I won’t hesitate to buy another product from the company. I am so satisfied with the durability and performance of Killer Whale, aside from its looks that is already a Killer, the Killer Whale is an overkill performer. Now, I’m gonna sit back and relax, watch a movie or play GTAIV without worrying about my i7 920 ever again. Cheers!

|> Metallica – Eye of the Beholder