DIARY | A month full of…

Dear Diary,

There’s so many words to say, but a little time to speak them all. I graduated and now, I’m in the front. Facing the students, with a very good posture. Having to re-apply everything I learned for the past 4 years, master it and now I’m sharing all of it. I chose this path for that’s what my heart wants to. Time will tell if I’m gonna regret it later or forever, but what’s important is I’m happy right now. Celebrities – my college professors. They’re the ones I look up to, the ones I admire, but I’m now one of them and together we will teach students and give hope to the industry.

I served my students for a month already, and learned a lot of things. One of those is to become happy for whatever I’m doing. Thanks to my great professors for being there whenever I have something I’m confused of. Thanks for all of it and I promise to be good, hard-working co-teacher. To my dearest students, the stress-removers, the challenge in work, and my new hope.

I’m sorry for having a little time to tell what’s in my mind. All I know is I’m happy and that’s all. P.S. 1 month already! Yeeehaaa!

|> Good Charlotte – Counting the Days


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I'm Ken. Blogger. Programmer. Instructor. Gamer.

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  1. Its nice to hear that you enjoy teaching this much 🙂

    PS.. hahaha you look like a kid brought by her mother in work dayoff.. haha 🙂 soo cute

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