DIARY | Seventeen II

It’s been 2 months.
It’s quite long and fast.
But all I know is I learned more about her,
and this priceless relationship we have.
I enjoy having her,
and will definitely enjoy being with her forever.

Thank you to the following people who made this “17” more memorable than what I could imagine. To our dearest professors in AMA Fairview, Mr. Kirk Alvin Awat, Mr. Albert Santiago, Mr. Don Corpuz, Mr. Oscar Halamani, Mr. Christian Ceballos, Ms. May San Pablo, Ms. Karen Boco, Ms. Imelyn Rose Salvador, Ms. Theresa Lazaro, Ms. Sarah Sarzaba, Ms. Cecilia Torella, and to these students, Anjel Calderon and Mark Riego, and also to my family, Jan Vincent, Jessavelle Ann and Jhanzen, who completed the number 17 with me and made her cry in happiness. Thank you so much and we will do our best while keeping all your advise in mind.

To my dearest Mamey, my one and only,
Please take care of yourself when I am not around.
Take your daily vitamins and go enjoy life to the fullest… with me.
More 17s to come and more places to explore! 🙂

|> McFly – It’s All About You


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  1. frederick omagtang

    grabe sobra ko na appreseat post mo thanks sa comment thank you ,thanks sa tiwala god bless you have a nice bay pasyal ka naman minsan sa shop. take care pre

  2. Thanks you for your unconditional love dadey.. i am so very thankful to have you and its so amazing to feel like were together already for years.. I love you so much

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