DIARY | Goodbye Teenage Days…

19 years. I have done everything I wanted to, together with my friends and family, and I would like to say thank you to all of you. I am now 20 years old, a young adult man who wishes to be one good responsible model in our little world.

Now that I am 20, I started counting not only the fun in life but also the problems I have encountered, resolved and unsolved. I am human, indeed. I’m gonna be responsible, that’s what I always wanted to. Not just in my family, friends and career, but also to my loved one. I would want my dreams to come true someday through all my hardships. I want to build a strong foundation so I can start a family of my own. Well, that’s quite too fast to think of, but let’s just say I’m thinking of the long-term. I want to be ready before anything else, that’s all.

To my friends and family, thank you for spending your time with me, sharing your problems with me, having fun with me for another year. Now that that year had passed, let’s start a new one, but this time, meet the new, revamped Joaquin Angelito L. Dayapan II. Meet the new kenokenopi in his 20’s. Let’s all have fun and make my 20 a better one. Although it is my birthday, I want everybody to celebrate it like it’s their own. Happy Birthday People! Cheers!!~ 🙂

The greatest gift of all is having you this day.

The greatest gift of all is having you this day.

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