DIARY | Suprises…

It’s the 5th. I know I’m kinda feeling busy because of work and small things around me, but besides that, it is my day. I should atleast enjoy the day like no other. I turned 20 since the morning and felt like everything’s changed. I’m no more a kid that my Mom keeps on teasing like a baby, no more ABCs, something like that. It’s time to look at things more seriously. I’m getting older. In fact, I’m old enough to do things like what a responsible person does. What makes these days different is that, I’m in love.

Although it’s a busy week at work, I am so proud of my girl. Surprises. That’s what I always want to do for her to make her heart softer like a pillow. However, this day, the surprise came straight from her. First time ko lang ma-surprise ng bongga. What makes it more interesting is that, sya lang ang nagiisang nilalang na nageffort sa araw na ito. I always thought that it will be just an ordinary day, same things to do, same routine. But things changed after she surprised me with a birthday cake plus a birthday letter, that I haven’t had since my 10th birthday.

I am so blessed having her in my life, specially this day that I’m leaving my teenage life behind and looking forward to a more serious one. Thanks to her, I am happy. I’m telling the world how thankful I am having you. I’m telling the world how thankful I am having her. I ❤ U MISISCOMPUTER.

|> Girls’ Generation – Let It Rain


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