DIARY | 99th Day

So tomorrow’s gonna be our 100th day and now we’re going to celebrate it. It’s so good to hear that we have overcome all the challenges and we are now preparing for another set. Hopefully, we can do it.

Today, we agreed to go to Quezon City Memorial Circle Park, with all the necessary items. Oh, before anything else, the 69th capsule finally come to an end. Cristina finished reading all of those for 69 days and she now received the ring I put inside that blue capsule. I also bring mine with me and here are they:

In the park, we decided to stay in a bench and play those dominoes I just bought recently. I even brought with me the Badminton racquet set last time but we didn’t had the chance to play longer because the shuttlecock included is a bit disappointing and that the weather is not normal. Anyway, we just spent most of the time with the dominoes.

While playing, we ate the food we bought from Jollibee and chitchat together about things…

Later on, we decided to take a walk, buy some food, and eventually we came across an area with a pond on it, some boats, and some more rides. It’s quite eye-catching so we decided to go inside and take some picture.

We both agreed to take a ride in the boat. For 60 pesos, we were inside that boat and together, the sun killed our skin! Both anyway, we still had a good time.

After that 30-minute-ride-in-the-boat, we were still hungry for more rides so the last thing we did was to go ride the go-kart ride… this time, we had our separate bikes and then we enjoyed that last few hours.

Unfortunately, some few minutes before we bring back the bikes, the rain came down and made me take out my umbrella inside my bag. We had no choice but to go now. I just bought her something she can wear later on and we finally got out of the park and go home.

Well, that’s our 99th day adventure. It feels sad that we will not be having our 100th day celebration because of work, but still we enjoyed that time very well. I am so thankful that Cristina finally finished reading the 1st month anniversary present I gave her, for the whole 69 days. I really wish she had a good time reading those 69 messages, and that the ring means “me” to her, always. I really wish that this 99th day will always be part of our memory, after 2… 10 decades… 10 centuries… as we grow older… still in-love together.

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