DIARY | Part 3

We’re both worried, I remember. But despite all those worries that made our minds feel so heavy, we still decided to go for a trip. Tomorrow, monday, it’s gonna be our 3rd months anniversary, and today we’re going to celebrate it. My present? You’ll know later…

We agreed to go to La Mesa EcoPark. We prepared so much, wore the appropriate clothes coz’ we already knew that the sun might be a problem. Firstly, I stayed at Jollibee Pearldrive while waiting for her to come. Later, she came, packed with all the necessary items. Oh, I remember, I even bought a new pair of Badminton rackets from Dunlop. Then we go eat breakfast inside.

After that, we came straight to an Ever Supermarket nearby to buy snacks. And then we ride a tricycle straight to EcoPark. Here we are now, full of excitement.

We go take a look around. It’s so fun to see these natural things around with my dearest princess…

We even took a picture with the horse staying somewhere.

We did became fond of taking beautiful pictures, take a look…

And the most important thing of all is the present I prepared. Well, not really a present but something we could do together. I bought a padlock and some pens and then we put paper on it together with the words we wrote. I’m sure my baby loved it, though it sounds corny…

What we wrote? I’m feeling shy now but here it is:

Here’s mine,

And here’s what she wrote for me,

And then up ahead, just a few steps, we decided to put the lock in one of the barricades.

I hope no one will make fun of it, but treat this eternal love as an inspiration.

Thankfully, there’s no rain today, but instead… It rained with so much happiness. The fact that I’m with my loved one, I really felt so happy. It’s our 100th day, quite fast, but quite feeling slow. It’s like we’re almost committed to each other for a year now, but the truth is, it is not. However, the truth keeps telling me how 100% in-love I am with her, Misiscomputer. ❤

|> Bruno Mars – It Will Rain


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