DIARY | Meet Taylor Swift…

The end of October is here and almost all SM shopping malls in the city are offering low prices in selected items. Well, aside from SM shopping malls, I would like to add Trinoma mall on the list.

This sunday, me and my soon-to-be wife decided to go for a shopping at Trinoma mall. Money’s not a problem, though. As long as we are together, we can enjoy it ourselves. 🙂

We first ate at one of our favorite burger shops in the planet, Burger King, and ordered a pair of Whopper.

The real thing is that, we both just received our half-monthly salary just a few days ago and that’s why we’re both eager to go out and shop. What did we buy? I bought her some great ladies’ tops and also a cute t-shirt.

While shopping and looking around the beauty section, we just found Taylor Swift on an Ad for Covergirl, and took a picture of it. Oh, by the way, my baby loves Taylor Swift so much… 🙂

~ endofstory

|> Foo Fighters – The Pretender


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