DIARY | Taylor Swift turns 22!

The future of Country Pop, Taylor Swift, is turning 22 today, December 13, 2011, and I’m sure everybody, most specially her fans, the Swifties, are all offering their Tuesday to her birthday. Forums flooding, new youtube uploads saying “Happy Birthday Taylor”, gifts coming from Philadelphia or any part of the continent to Nashville, huge banners around the outskirts of the town with photos of Taylor, and so much more. That’s what I think fans are doing right now. As for me, I am celebrating her birthday at work, and with my girlfriend whose really into Taylor’s music.

I admit, I really wasn’t a fan before, until I had my girlfriend with me now, whose really a big fan of Taylor Swift. Well, atleast I do know and admire Taylor already before. The fact that those hits, “Love Story”, “You Belong With Me”, rocked my world while playing Band Hero on the PS3, I already enjoyed her music. And now, I’m becoming one bigger casual fan of hers, trying to stay updated on events about her. Eventually, I just attended an official event which is the Album Launching of her latest release, Speak Now World Tour, with my girlfriend last week, and I’m about to blog about that later.

Well, it is true Taylor’s an amazing artist. I love her songs = that’s given. I love her as a public figure = that’s a plus. I love her for being my girlfriend’s inspiration = without a doubt. I love Taylor, and will surely love her future releases. I hope to see more Taylor Swift appearances next year, and the coming year, and the decade, and until the time Taylor becomes a legend, a Barbra Streisand-like figure, in the face of the universe.

Sometimes, I get sick of those screaming, screeching, down-tuned heavily-distorted guitars of bands with evil-like imagery. Taylor Swift, just like other musicians with Bubblegum Pop attitude, specially Good Charlotte (my very favorite band) and Girls’ Generation (my very favorite girlgroup) helps me not to get overdosed from Heavy Metal and Punk Rock. Thanks to them, and thanks to my girlfriend, I wasn’t a fan of music of the Trolls and Pagans.

One good thing about Taylor is that, she keeps mentioning God as a savior in her music. Really a good thing, atleast to me. And I hope she’ll continue spreading good songs in her next albums.

By the way, IT IS TAYLOR’S BIRTHDAY today, that’s why I’m being like this, talking about her all day. Happy Birthday, Taylor. -from me and my girlfriend.

|> Taylor Swift – Long Live

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