VANS | Vans X Hello Kitty Classic Slip-Ons

Tonight, me and my girlfriend decided to go shopping despite the heavy schedule at work. Exams are on-going at school and everyone’s pressured right now. Tomorrow’s gonna be misiscomputer‘s 20th birthday and I came up with the idea to buy her the shoes she’s wanting to have as gift, but no more a surprise (unfortunately). The Vans Hello Kitty Slip-on. That’s it, we rushed together at the nearest SM Department Store and tried one.

Cristina’s feet is sized 7 so a slip-on with a size from 6 to 7 would probably fit into hers. The Vans Hello Kitty we’ve chosen was the black classic Slip-on with the big Hello Kitty print on it.

As it is a classic slip-on, everything in the structure itself is completely the same as what Vans used in their old and recent slip-on series such as the Killswitch Engage, the Iron Maiden, the Motorhead and even the Slayer slip-ons. In anyway, the Hello Kitty slip-on is different in terms of visual elements, as compared to the authentic and band classic slip-ons which has a black-colored linings around the white canvas, the Hello Kitty slip-on sports a pink-colored linings, also with a pink/white-colored Vans logo on its rear part. The insides, the sole, is also colored pink/white, a good color combination I should say.

Want some taste of pink cupsoles? Check it out! The Vans X Hello Kitty has it!

The slip-on, just like other Vans shoes, comes out from the box with an included Vans logo sticker, but this one includes one fancy Hello Kitty sticker too!

Overall, everything about this project shoe by Vans is completely identical to earlier models, but as long as you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, or somehow like the shades of pink, the won’t matter. Start grabbing one now!

|> Arch Enemy – Yesterday is Dead and Gone


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