INEXTRON | X-IN GMC 1530T Gaming Chair

Ever wonder where to buy affordable but fully working and quality Gaming Chair for your gaming needs? Here I present to you the gaming chair I’m using up until now. It’s the X-IN gaming chair by INEXTRON. For roughly 10,000 philippine peso, you get this black/red-colored gaming chair to sit in your floor. Bought it last January 2011 and still kicking my ass.

The design of the 1530T is truly intended for hardcore gamers out there. It is equipped with stereo speakers, left and right, placed near where your head rests whenever you start playing. The greatest thing of all is that the bass knocks you down inside its house, pumps at the back of your body and lets you feel the intensity of the game you are playing, whether it is Need For Speed Hot Pursuit or Call of Duty Black Ops.

The 1530T comes out from a big box while being “folded” into two parts (refer to the pictures below). It is bundled together with a user’s manual, a typical adapter, a 3.5mm jack extension and of course, wrapped in a large plastic.

On its side lies all the controls you can modify for your preference and some jacks to use. You can adjust the sound with the up and down buttons, as well as the intensity of the bass. Thanks to its 3.5mm port, you can pair it together with any of your favorite gaming console (PlayStation 3, Wii, XBOX 360, not to mention any older gaming consoles), any portable gaming systems (PlayStation Portable, NDS), your iPod or any MP3 players, your iPad and any other Android machines, that is equipped with 3.5mm jack too.

Check out myself trying out the gaming chair last year (coz’ this is a late post, sorry) while playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and listening to Children of Bodom, below:

Now I can play video games at any position. Well, if I like to play Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on my PlayStation 3, if I want to play Battlefield B3 on my Core i7 Rig, if I wish to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on my ASUS Core i5 K73 series notebook, or even if I wish to play TapSonic on my sister’s Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Android phone, I could!

|> Dethklok – Thunderhorse


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  1. Hi Ken,

    My 12-year old son was handed down by his elder cousin the same x-in game chair just this week ( really a beat up one but in working state). It came, however without the adapter power set , but I managed to purchased a replacement with the rating of 12volts, 1.5 amperes. The problem is I have yet to know the adapter’s polarity which is not indicated anywhere in the chair’s specs label. I suspect the polarity symbol is in its original adapter. Maybe you Can help me out in this regard, sir. Salamat ho.


  2. Hi Ken,
    Pakoy here again, for a favor. Any luck with the polarity of the power adapter? May nagsabi sa akin wala daw polarity yung adapter ! Tama ba yun eh Direct Current yoon? Thanks.


  3. Boss san mo nabili to?

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