I’ve known you before, and you were the apple of my eye. I didn’t know your name, your meaningful past, a complete stranger. But all I know is I’m curious about you and your innocent looks.

The sight of me glows when you pass by in front. Curiosity comes in adrenaline rush. Thinking of who you are or what are you up to is non of my heart’s business, but what and why am I following you and your graceful walks.

I forgot I’ve come to this school to study. I have my own duty and you have too. We once became classmates but never had that chance to speak with you. I finished my studies and yet you had fallen in love when I have no idea coz’ we’re not friends nor acquaintance.

I came back at school to have my first job then I see you with some guy I don’t even know. Still, I don’t care, coz’ we still aren’t friends or something. I just recall you from my past.

Now I became your professor, which I really don’t have an idea I would be to you. It was a surprise to me, but my mind keeps on telling me “what’s up with you, dude?”. I tried to be normal but things can’t hide. My eyes keeps on following you. I still don’t get it why I am being like this. Maybe that time you have an idea.

You helped me figure it out. I want to take care of you. Now I’ve fallen for you. Time To Love.

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“Never forget you, I remember you”. This post is inspired by the song TTL (Time To Love) by T-Ara and Supernova, based on my own sweet experience.

|> TTL (Time To Love) ft. Supernova – 티아라(T-ARA)


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