DIARY | Like a Baby…

Tonight, I watch you sleep.

Like a baby, you look so innocent.
Like you’ve been through a lot before lying in the bed.
And it’s true, you’ve been through a lot this day.

I was truly sorry for how it ended up,
but I want you to know that you will always be my everything.

I watch you sleep, taking some glimpse in you everytime a phrase comes in my mind.
You shine like a princess and you behave like a good daughter.
I was like your dad. I always wanted to act like a dad.
I always wanted that you’ll feel like a baby when I take care of you.
Yes, you are truly my baby, my one and only.
So please stop the crying, coz’ your prince hurts a lot too.

And now you sound like asleep already.
Soon you’ll face the day of happiness again,
but before that, you’ll see the face of the person who wants to take care of you always…
Always and forever, Cristina.

|> 에브리 싱글 데이(Every Single Day)- 노을(Sunset)


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