DIARY | I wish you’ll come out on my phone.

I’m at school.
Working my very best.
Yet, I can’t seem to take away the thought,
of missing you and your lovely smiles at me.

It was hard work.
On the other hand, it was a hard feeling.
Missing you is like the feeling
of being deprived of life.
You were my life.

Despite of that,
it was a good feeling.
The feeling of missing you,
proves how much I really am loving you.
I love you, so please keep on loving me too.
I love you, and I will just leave it like that.

I took a glimpse on my phone.
Our photos were there.
Although I’ve seen them many times, day by day,
it still feels like their fresh and new,
it feels like it’s captured just moments ago.
Truthfully not.
And I read those messages.
Messages from you.
I admit some of it weren’t that expressive,
and some were just plain normal messages answering my questions.
However, I really do appreciate those ones that are truly sweet,
those that soften my heart,
those that keeps on reminding me that you love me,
coz’ they give me strength so much.

I keep on looking at my phone, despite the students answering their exams,
I’m feeling so bored… I wish you’ll come out on my phone.
And kiss me like its forever…MCV

|> Taylor Swift – Ours


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I'm Ken. Blogger. Programmer. Instructor. Gamer.

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