DIARY | This Beautiful Tragedy

I wonder why we met.
Of all the people,
Of all the ladies out there,
Of all the places,
Of all the instances.

So you have a quite dark past,
and mine’s completely blank,
with no idea at all how true Love was, how it feels to be loved and being not loved.

It just happened…
I just happened to look at you.
For a long time I never had the real reason why I was looking at you.
And I know you weren’t aware of that, I can sense it,
coz’ someone’s already in your eyes the whole time.

But then things happened.
Unexpected ones leave you confused, neglected and heartbroken.

And then I came,
someone who could give you the strength you’re looking for,
someone who could give you hope to love again,
someone who could give you joy, even by just looking in the eyes,
someone who is always there to take care of you.

And then you came,
to me, you’re the one who could let me feel what real love is,
you’re someone who gave me joy and heal the wound my father left on me.
Someone who end up the suffering I’m feeling,
is also someone whose there for me to love me to death in the name of God.
.    .    .   It’s a Beautiful Tragedy.

It’s a Beautiful Tragedy to have you, Cristina.
For you were the one I’m looking for,
And I believe I am the one for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Maria Cristina..

This straight-from-the-heart post is inspired by the song “Beautiful Tragedy” by In This Moment.

|> In This Moment – Beautiful Tragedy


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