DIARY | My Three Flowers..

Well… Not much to say. It just happened. This day happened and I’m so thankful for having a day like this once in a year.

Its just one morning, after I accompany my dearest Cristina off to work, I headed to the nearest flower shop to buy her, my mom and my sister, flowers for the valentine’s day. I bought one big bouquet of flowers for Cristina, and then the florist packed all three just before I go back home.

While I get inside the jeep, while walking, I saw a lot of the people passing through me, staring at those 3 flowers I’m carrying. Those glares. I believe, it’s some sort of amazement, sort of jealousy, and also curiosity. Things came up inside my mind. I wonder what they were thinking upon seeing them. Ladies were passing by so I wonder if they’re feeling jealous or something. Maybe they’re thinking things like, “kanino kaya yun?”, “ang sweet naman…”, “ang laki naman nung bouguet..”, “sana akin na lang…”, “ang swerte naman nung bibigyan nya…”. Well, I’m not in my best attire this morning, so I somehow feeling shy while holding them.

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and I really want to be sincere. Can I speak in my native language just for this day? 🙂

Ok, so I have three flowers below.

From left, there goes the bouquet for my Cristina, those yellow flower specially for my mom and lastly, the red rose for my dearest sister.

So let me explain one by one. I chose another flower bouquet for my Cristina. The reason is that, the fact that a bouquet contains more accessories, and flowers in nature, it just symbolizes how special for me is the person I’m giving it too. Plus, since it contains more flowers, it means that we, me and Cristina, have been through a lot of hardship already, and I know we’re gonna face more, as we continue and fight for this wonderful relationship. By the way, It’s beauty is just like what Cristina is. Innocent-looking yet, packed with mesmerizing smiles and cuteness, exclusively just for me.

To Cristina, please stay healthy and happy towards me. I’ll keep smiling just like what you love me too. Today’s our first Hearts’ Day and believe me, you’re gonna spend a million more with me. Just don’t hold back, we’ll be together forever. I Love You.

And here’s for my mom.

It’s yellow. Colorful. Just like how she is, the time she gave birth on me and even after some decades. Her beauty still glows in simplicity. With no doubt at all, the most beautiful yet best mom in the world. 🙂

And lastly to my Sister,

It is indeed petite, simple as it looks, yet helpful to the eyes of everyone. Just like my Sister, the one who always helps me at times of trials and sufferings, beauty and glamorous is inside without the need show it off. Thank you ate, for everything.

So there goes my three flowers. They differ in size. They differ as a whole but they all means a lot to me. I Love You all. Now people don’t have to be curious of who’s flowers are those. Its just for my three beautiful ladies. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day… 🙂

|> Christina Perri – A Thousand Years


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