DIARY | What If…

What if.

What if you see me laughing together with some girl, and you don’t even know who she is?
What if you see me looking at some girl, and I can’t stop looking at her?
What if you see me texting someone you don’t know, and I was smiling like hell?
What if I hangout with a girl, and she was actually my ex?
What if I was given a gift, and that gift was from a girl?
What if I decided to go out alone, without you and I was actually meeting up girls?

Would you care? Would you be jealous? Would you get angry?

Don’t ask me. Coz’ I will be. I care for you a lot. And I know you know that. I’d be jealous, but I won’t get angry. I can’t get angry at you coz’ you’re my precious one. I would be really sad. I’ll just cry it out in silence without you noticing while talking to you in the phone. That’s how hopelessly I’m loving you.

|> Taeyeon – 만약에 (If)


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I'm Ken. Blogger. Programmer. Instructor. Gamer.

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