TGIF-17 is not a code or something. Not a model of an Aircraft, not even a sports car or a hexadecimal value. It’s not also a movie, but it can be if I wanted to.

TGIF-17 means a lot. It’s a special friday where two lovers celebrate despite having quarrels just recently. TGIF-17 covers the whole week other than that “friday”, including Valentine’s Day. It stands for “Thank God It’s Friday the 17th”.

So today is TGIF-17, and I already had my surprise gift to my baby. I bought her a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s day. That night, we took pictures.

It was so fluttering. To me, even if I’m not the one who got surprised, it’s still fluttering. I just saw my girlfriend smile like 5 minutes in front of me, hugging me, without saying anything. She’s the first girl to do that. She was sparkling. She was so baby-like that time and I wanted to just see her and her beautiful smile and not return those hugs she’s giving me. It felt like I was floating. My heart’s floating, a different feeling. She is indeed beautiful. Much more beautiful than those petals. I can’t describe more coz’ those smiles were one of a kind. It was a night of something new.

And then on the night of the 14th, we decided to meet up in SM Fairview mall. There, we saw some booth that gives you the chance to write in a heart-shaped red paper about your loved one or something, like a love letter I think. So we grabbed for ourselves and write our messages for each other.


I love you so much, thank you for everything for the love and care and I am praying that you will never change. I can’t wait til’ we get married. Happy Valentine’s Day 017. 4ever ❤ lots. -mamey

My Cristina,

I’m so happy being with you and I’m looking forward to see you smile more, because of me. I won’t get tired of caring for you. I hope you too. I wanna say I Love You and You and I are meant to be. Happy Valentine’s Day. Wish you a lot of kisses <3.

Friday night, we were actually planning to see a movie starring Chaning Tatum and Rachel McAdams called The Vow. But since people in TriNoma were so in-a-hurry to see that movie, unfortunately, we failed. Instead, we just ate at Yellowcab, ordered pizza and some Meatball Spaghetti.

And then on Sunday, we headed to SM North Edsa. My Cristina went for a haircut. And then just before midnight, we finally got to watch The Vow. It’s really a good movie, I promise. It’s fairly romantic and both of them were good enough to play the role. After all, we went home and took a rest.

So that’s what TGIF-17 is. Do you have one? share yours… I believe it’s as romantic as mine 🙂

|> Michelle Branch – Everywhere


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