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DIARY | Hang On…

You might feel uneasy.
You might feel exhausted.
You Might feel tired.
You might feel ignored.
You might feel coldness around.
Low self-esteem.

You might think everything’s wrong.
Like you never expected it.
And it is the unexpected.

Credits to the owner of this photo.

I want you to remember that I’m always here.
Annoyed, Angry, or any mood you’re having, I’ll comfort you.
Coz’ I agree and took my vow to God to be with you as long as you seek me to.
And he gave me permission to be the savior you wanted me to.

I’ll be your punching bag if you want.
I’ll be your favorite noontime show if you’re bored.
I can joke around just to make you laugh.
I’ll be good at you and see you smile.
I’ll do my best to make this relationship work,
so that we’ll live with no regrets in life,
and Love each other ’til the end of time.


|> 애프터 스쿨(After School) – Shampoo

BLOG | 90,000 Hits!!!

Close to 100K! Thanks to all the people who viewed my blog. To my students who are always willing to visit my CSWD01 Web App tutorial, thank you too. Also to my Co-teachers, hehehe.

For my 90,000th view, I promise to create more and more variety of content. Whether it’s about gaming, or the technology, or software development, as well as those entries in my online diary. Also, check out That’s my girlfriend’s primary blog. For now, there isn’t anything but only about ME. But soon, that blog will be filled with her own feelings and interests. I also post there, take note.

Below’s a screenshot of Total War: Shogun 2. I stopped playing it last year but planning to continue soon and make a review.

Also, in my check list, I’m planning to make reviews of games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (which I have been playing for a while now), Shift 2 Unleashed, Ridge Racer Unbounded, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Saints Row The Third. That’s a lot. And my review for my 17incher ASUS notebook, albums by Taylor Swift, Lamb of God, In Flames, etc. Really a lot more content, so watch out for that!

Once again, thanks!

|> 2PM – 10 Points Out of 10

DIARY | Shoes or her?

No matter where I go, even to a place full of shoes, there’s only her, the one that’s always good in my eyes, the princes that came into my life, and eventually turns out to be my wife. 🙂

|> Secondhand Serenade – Vulnerable

MILANOS | Laced-Up Classic Slip-On

I’ve been wanting to have one before, and finally I bought one god new slip-on. It’s a gray-colored laced-up slip-on by Milanos, the makers of that black shoes I just bought last month. This one cost me P599.99, again, with no discounts and just a box with no additional accesories, at SM Department Store.

However, I believe that this shoes will last, atleast for me.I’m too careful when it comes to shoes. However, my 2009 old Vans Slip-On with the bonefish design has just got a hole, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to use it anymore in some occasions. Still, it served me well. So I bought this shoes to replace it for the meantime, as I’m planning to buy another one from Vans. Anyhow, this size 7 shoes feels so comfortable at all, just don’t get it soaked in the rain or else, it will be predictable ruined. Great shoes tough! My 2nd from Milanos!

|> Avenged Sevenfold – Darkness Surrounding