MILANOS | Laced-Up Classic Slip-On

I’ve been wanting to have one before, and finally I bought one god new slip-on. It’s a gray-colored laced-up slip-on by Milanos, the makers of that black shoes I just bought last month. This one cost me P599.99, again, with no discounts and just a box with no additional accesories, at SM Department Store.

However, I believe that this shoes will last, atleast for me.I’m too careful when it comes to shoes. However, my 2009 old Vans Slip-On with the bonefish design has just got a hole, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to use it anymore in some occasions. Still, it served me well. So I bought this shoes to replace it for the meantime, as I’m planning to buy another one from Vans. Anyhow, this size 7 shoes feels so comfortable at all, just don’t get it soaked in the rain or else, it will be predictable ruined. Great shoes tough! My 2nd from Milanos!

|> Avenged Sevenfold – Darkness Surrounding


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