DIARY | AMA Fairview Faculty, Thank You…

They say “Life Keeps Going On and On”…

I went back to my Alma mater and learned a lot, shared a lot, and realized a lot. I found “true” bestfriends, “true” parents, and “true” love. In the end, it was a year of no expectations, and now it feels so good to reminisce each and every day.

I started teaching with only bare hands, less knowledge, and only a fighting spirit as high as what I could. There’s me feeling nervous, no idea what will happen to me the next few days, but thanks to my dear professors. They guided me little by little. They befriended me and left that strong impressions against them when I was still a student. Indeed, they are real people I can communicate with. And just like normal people, they are also problematic in their daily lives. That time, I became one of them. I finally understand the feeling of each of them. Exhausted, pressured, or whatever. In the end, they can still be happy, despite those negative feelings. This might sound like a documentary, but believe me, they’re hardworking. The College Dean, the one who keeps us in-line with our work is so friendly. It’s an opposite of what I have perceived during my school days. He is a real Man with outstanding principles in life.

Days passed. I started to feel secured. Everything is feeling alright and that’s when I realized, teaching is fun, full of excitement. Just don’t let S.T.R.E.S.S come inside your mind. And then Love came, so unexpected. That’s when I feel more excitement both in life and work.

There were times I feel anxious during my work. I don’t know whether I will be re-hired or not, or things just keep stressing me out. Well, despite those things, there are more and better ones that make me enjoy my everyday work. My co-teachers are all fun to be with, and with them I can endure every negative feeling I’m having. Thanks to them, I became stronger, and a better man.

Inside that big room, that faculty room, all we do is work and entertain ourselves. That’s the real deal. And when things start to fall apart, all we do is help each other, cheer each other. When good things come, we share the blessings. And when the fun days come, all you can see is a big smile in our faces.

Thank you to my dearest professors. You are all a very good companion in my stay in AMA Fairview. With you all, I learned a lot. Being the youngest was fun and exciting. I will cherish every single word you told me.

Thank you to our College Dean, Mr. Rodolfo Rosario. Despite having a higher position than us, you decided to take a chance to befriend us all. You are so remarkable.

To the forever-beauties of AMA Fairview, Ms. Bello, Ms. Morales, Ms. Austria, Ms. Torella, thank you so much for all the advice and for guiding me to become a good instructor. To Mr. Halamani who keeps on being funny but always believes in my skills, thank you. To Mr. De Guzman who is also fun to be with and shares a lot of his blessings, thank you.

To my bestfriends in AMA Fairview, Mr. Awat, who is almost having the same path as me and always helping me whenever I struggle, Ms. San Pablo, who is very responsible in everything she does and is also a very good joker, Ms. Salvador, who I always see as a very good mother and with a down-to-earth approach in teaching, Mr. Corpuz, who is always friendly and technically resourceful in teaching, Mr. Quinto, also a very good joker and an easy-going one that gives me advices in and outside teaching, Mr. Santiago, who keeps on entertaining us, washing out the problems of each other, Ms. Sarzaba, who is very thoughtful and guides me a lot whenever I have questions, Mr. Ceballos, who is a very good teacher and always prepares lessons very well, Mr. Foronda, who is very good in giving advices and plays a strong relationship with his students, Mr. Mendoza, who is like a real friend to me and shares a lot of stories whether connected to teaching or not, Ms. Lazaro, who is always fun to be with and tells funny stories, Ms. Zuniga, who keeps on sharing her blessings and her fun thoughts, Ms. Boco and Ms. Veniegas, whose like real sisters inside the faculty.

Also, a huge thanks goes to all my students who gave me various feelings but of all them was happiness and enjoyment.

Thank you so much for being with me, from the first day, until now. For helping me in my work, and things that are completely unrelated to it. Please take good care of “that person” for me as my last wish. Thank you and I promise to visit often. This is not a goodbye, and I will always be that young sweet, innocent-like child for you all. 🙂

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