DIARY | A month to go, baby…

Year 143 B.C.
In an epic battle called “Love”,
there is an alliance called “Sadness”,
and there is an alliance called “Happiness”.
Together they fight against each other and became the largest war on mankind.

The “Sadness” alliance fight as they believe that there is nothing on this earth but sadness, anger and every negativity.
The “Happiness” alliance, on the other hand, believes that happiness will lead us to unity, and that every mistake can be healed.

Just like in real world, we are onto two different feelings. Sadness and Happiness.
But despite them being different to each other, contradicting each other,
they are still part of the feeling called “Love”.

No matter how many sadness we come into,
I always believe that time will heal it,
and as we help each other move one,
we can make it,
we can make “Love” won our hearts together.

Love won’t be erased by an eraser.
It won’t be vanished unlike supernatural entities.
Your past Love will always have a deep meaning,
but I do believe that what matters most is who you Love at the present time
and who do you want to spend the rest of your life.
Love is always written.
In a paper, maybe?
In a stone?
In a wall?
In my heart. Yes. Period.

Happy 11th monthsary, Mimi. I LOVE YOU.

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