Monthly Archives: February 2013

[DIARY] 2 Better Than 1

Maybe It’s True, that I can’t live without you” are just part of the song that I really love to sing these days.
Not because it has a great tune or something.
But because, every time I listen to it, I think of you and me,
Of what we are right now,
And what we will be.

There’s “truth” behind it,
that’s also a “truth” for you and me.
I can live only when you’re with me,
I can smile to my fullest only when you’re with me,
I can cry only when you are with me,
And at most, I always feel you cherish me.

2 Better Than 1

Goodluck Baby… I know you can do it. I’ll always be by your side, just like what I’m doing in that picture. 🙂

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