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[DOODLE] KSE-inspired Doodle



[DOODLE] KSE Random Doodle

Good morning!

Having a cup of coffee while listening to KSE’s latest Melodic Metalcore effort, Disarm the Descent, and doodling about ’em!


[DIARY] New Toys for the Big Boy

Just bought Resident Evil 6 and SKATE3 for PlayStation 3:


[DIARY] 25 ta’ life

Here’s a picture of the fam celebrating me and Cristina’s 25 monthsary:


[DIARY] Carefree…

Everything is right When I’m with you,
Carefree is in me When I’m with you.
I wonder if it’s the same to you too?
I am being ‘ME’ as long a I’m with you.

25 months. Awesome.
No need for another decade or two because. just being with you means eternal light years to Me.

HAPPY MONTHSARY BABY!!!- l will LOVE you forever…


[ DIARY] The Original Dreamer

l never knew LOVE til’ I found you…


The Original Dreamer

l> Metro Station – Seventeen Forever

[DIARY] Check out The Sims Free play


l just tried accessingThe Sims Freeplay app I just downloaded via Google Plays tom and all I can say is it is a total awesomeness.