Dragon Age Inquisition main quest completed!


This late night, I just finished the main story of Inquisition, a total of 44 hours of full-packed story. It was the best Dragon Age game I ever played, and the first in the series I actually completed. I thought the first 2 are boring but with this kind feeling the 3rd game left off of me, I might as well try to replay the earlier games on the Xbox 360. Too late though.


With my completion of the game in my PlayStation 4, I realized a lot of things that makes it so beautiful and I can bring up as an achievement for the next few years. I couldn’t say a lot of things rigjt now but one thing is for sure: This game really deserved to be 2014’s Game of the Year. I wasn’t wrong in grabbing this game off the store shelf and spending hours and hours playing. The story is catchy and every cinematics leave me goosebumps. Not to mention the joy of slaying Dragons you see all around.

Now I’m looking forward to my actual review of the game.

Thanks BioWare, more Dragon Age to come!

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