L.A. Noire

Who would’ve thought that if we combine the original ingredients of the Grand Theft Auto series, the setting of Mafia and the game mechanics of Heavy Rain would result into a 2011 Blockbuster 1940s-themed open-world thriller game that could sell millions of copies on multi-platform consoles? Believe me, there is.

I present to you, L.A. Noire.


Playing it now makes it a 4-year old single player game from the studio that brought you Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. For those who believes that graphics matter, this’ll be a very outdated game, the shadows and lighting are very last gen, textures are okay but not superb. But to those who value gameplay like me, this is a very good game.



Although overall graphics is very outdated, believe me you will still be amazed on the facial  technology that they did for this game. Even the newest games on your PS4 or Xbox One couldn’t keep at it.


Story-wise, the game is very dark, atmospeheric and thrilling. You are Cole Phelps, a police detective and you work for several cases. Story duration is estimatedly around 30hours if you just go on with the story without the street crimes and other side quests.



All in all, this game is amazing. I’m glad I did not play it on the PC back then. It’s better in consoles and the controller.

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