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Check out my newly bought Sanuk Kingston II…

MILANOS | Laced-Up Classic Slip-On

I’ve been wanting to have one before, and finally I bought one god new slip-on. It’s a gray-colored laced-up slip-on by Milanos, the makers of that black shoes I just bought last month. This one cost me P599.99, again, with no discounts and just a box with no additional accesories, at SM Department Store.

However, I believe that this shoes will last, atleast for me.I’m too careful when it comes to shoes. However, my 2009 old Vans Slip-On with the bonefish design has just got a hole, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to use it anymore in some occasions. Still, it served me well. So I bought this shoes to replace it for the meantime, as I’m planning to buy another one from Vans. Anyhow, this size 7 shoes feels so comfortable at all, just don’t get it soaked in the rain or else, it will be predictable ruined. Great shoes tough! My 2nd from Milanos!

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MILANOS | Black Shoes

Just recently, I bought a set of new black shoes from MILANOS. It’s genuinely leather but somehow seems to be synthetic at all. Despite that, the price just cost me P799.99 and I bought it at the nearest SM Department Store, with no discounts at all.

I will be using it today, as I go to Accenture’s HR Department this morning to apply for a job. I took a day of absence in school, and I wonder what my students are doing right now. This pair of black shoes will be my temporary replacement to my old Mario D’Boro shoes. I hope it last.

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VANS | Vans X Hello Kitty Classic Slip-Ons

Tonight, me and my girlfriend decided to go shopping despite the heavy schedule at work. Exams are on-going at school and everyone’s pressured right now. Tomorrow’s gonna be misiscomputer‘s 20th birthday and I came up with the idea to buy her the shoes she’s wanting to have as gift, but no more a surprise (unfortunately). The Vans Hello Kitty Slip-on. That’s it, we rushed together at the nearest SM Department Store and tried one.

Cristina’s feet is sized 7 so a slip-on with a size from 6 to 7 would probably fit into hers. The Vans Hello Kitty we’ve chosen was the black classic Slip-on with the big Hello Kitty print on it.

As it is a classic slip-on, everything in the structure itself is completely the same as what Vans used in their old and recent slip-on series such as the Killswitch Engage, the Iron Maiden, the Motorhead and even the Slayer slip-ons. In anyway, the Hello Kitty slip-on is different in terms of visual elements, as compared to the authentic and band classic slip-ons which has a black-colored linings around the white canvas, the Hello Kitty slip-on sports a pink-colored linings, also with a pink/white-colored Vans logo on its rear part. The insides, the sole, is also colored pink/white, a good color combination I should say.

Want some taste of pink cupsoles? Check it out! The Vans X Hello Kitty has it!

The slip-on, just like other Vans shoes, comes out from the box with an included Vans logo sticker, but this one includes one fancy Hello Kitty sticker too!

Overall, everything about this project shoe by Vans is completely identical to earlier models, but as long as you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, or somehow like the shades of pink, the won’t matter. Start grabbing one now!

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VANS | No Skool

Here’s my second shoe from Vans, the Vans No Skool. Originally, I was planning to buy the No Skool 2 but I was amazed at how this one looks. The No Skool 2 looks like a “meh”, lacks the thick materials, suede and instead, all wrapped in canvas. So here, I’m presenting you my No Skool.

Although considered to be an upgrade to the popular Vans Old School, with a lot of new features such as an extremely padded materials made the Vans No Skool as popular as how it looks like.

One of the key features of this upgraded Old School is the greatness of the materials used upon making this shoe. First of all, the canvas features user-friendly graffiti printed on both sides of the shoe (shown below). Mine includes the Skeeters graffiti, a good choice as the shoe itself is a combination of the colors Black, Red and White.

Aside from the canvas the shoe boasts, the No Skool is armed with high-quality black suede, all-wrapped in most parts of the shoe.

Here’s a bad news. The “Vans off the wall” logo found near the back of this shoe (as pictured below) are just softly glued in the shoe’s white-rubberized base of the soles. Better take it out and put it again using a high-quality long-lasting glues available in the market, or else you’ll lose that thing.

The No Skool, just like the other shoes by Vans, also includes the well-known yet high-quality cone-shaped shoe soles. It is in fact, sticks well enough in skateboards, and I’m sure about that coz’ I tested it myself.

The tongue of this shoe shows the Dustin Dollin logo where it says “Dollin” together with the well-known Piss-Drunx logo printed in the insoles.

I could say that the No Skool is good enough even if you’re not using it for skateboarding and just using it for your daily life, going to school or walking in the park or even sleeping with it. The No Skool is equipped with long lasting soles.

I almost forgot that this shoe is Dustin Dollin’s own Pro signatured skate shoes, thus the logo found in its tongue and that’s why this one is mostly made of good quality materials. Built as an upgrade to the Old School, it is therefore made with Dustin’s own preferences.

Before I conclude this Hands On review of the No Skool, here’s a Youtube video I made featuring some footage of the No Skool with Dustin Dollin’s favorite band Children of Bodom playing in the background:

The No Skool is also featured many times in my very first YouTube video titled “-Filipino Presentation-” in the scenes where Dustin Dollin are shredding it out.

And also, here’s a video footage of Dustin Dollin, a cut from the Skateboarding video Baker 3, featuring the No Skool.

My Rating: 9/10
Other Infos: for more pics, click here
My Last Words: The Dustin Dollin-pro-signatured  No Skool by Vans is a must have. It’s my second skate shoe from Vans and I swear,  this design will last forever. Forget about those long-tongued-fake-Supras, they’re only for posers. I recommend this to anyone who skates, and who does not skate…

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VANS | Whip

A year ago, I bought my very first Vans shoes. The Vans Whip. It’s not the ordinary skate or BMX shoe that you guys knew. This one is a signature footwear by Australian BMX Pro Rider, Ryan Guettler. I picked this shoe up not because it’s signatured or something like that, but my sister is actually the one who grabbed it for me simply because she said it’s cool enough, better than the other.

Outer appearance might be a bit owner choosy. This one features a black and white zombie printed in both of the canvas of the shoe. Most materials aside from the canvas are black suede, while an extremely little lining of black leather in each shoe.

Also, the tongue of this shoe is extremely padded making it very thick but comfortable specially when you’re wearing it and you’re riding your BMX. In front of it includes the Vans logo together with Ryan Guettler logo while behind it shows the printed phrase “Endorsed by Ryan Guettler” plus the play cards symbols.

The insides of this shoe is definitely one of the key feature of it. It is as comfortable as how you’re lying in your bed along with your pillows. Both sides are thick enough and you would expect great comfort.

The last thing is the lower part of the shoe. Just like every Vans shoes out there, this one also inherited the cone-shaped-like soles. Aside from how the thickness of the soles are total greatness, it is also equipped with a technology known as the ImpactSorb which eliminates heel bruises and offers amazing comfort everytime you skate or ride your bike.

The looks of this shoe is good enough to distinguish it away from other typical shoes, enough to differentiate it away from the Old School.

Great choice for Ryan Guettler, good match for his Colony Pro BMX model!

Before I conclude this article-slash-review, here’s a Youtube video I made featuring my Hands-On for this shoe. Hope you guys enjoy it. You can also watch it directly in Youtube by clicking here.

Overall, this shoe is a must-have. Everything in this shoe is thick enough to have an extremely good comfort, thus making it last for more years. I do not regret buying it and buy the other ones. I love the whole look of it. Especially since it lasted a year already. I wish it will last in the upcoming years.

My Rating: 9.5/10

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