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Includes my personal Rig’s pictures and each of my hardware reviews.

DIARY | R.I.P.: HEC Cougar 700CM – May 2009-October 2010

October 15, 2010. I was on the computer, trying to configure Dolphin so I can play Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse flawlessly and downloading SungKyunKwan Scandal EP11 when suddenly, the computer turned off by itself. It was 6 in the evening and I thought to myself that maybe there’s a problem in our electricity so, I checked out downstairs. My brother’s watching TV while my sis is playing with my PlayStation 3. I returned back to my room and I notice why the heck my pc casing’s switch is still on “Blue”? I tried restarting and turning it on again. No luck. It has power just for a second then dies again. WTF happened to my PC?! I decided to leave it out for now.

The next day, I tried turning it on again but still, it does the same. I tried to ask the Ate Meg from PCHub Fairview if what should I do. She said I should just bring the unit there so they can check it. And so I did. I already had the feeling that the problem’s either on my Power Supply or the motherboard. Kuya Rhayan was the one assigned to look up and test my pc. They will contact me in 3 days after some tests.

Three days later, Ate Meg told me that it was the PSU. I guess I need to buy another one. However, Mom said I should just buy the new PSU next week. A few days later, I’m now ready to buy. I’m reconsidering the Corsair PSUs coz’ they’re so freakin’ expensive. I tried asking Ate Meg if I could just buy the same unit but she declined, and even Kuya Rhayan, because they say that in their experience, that PSU is really faulty and prone to RMAs. Too bad. I ended up to just avail the lower-end model HEC Raptor R500. :[

Rest in Peace
– HEC Cougar 700CM
May 2009 – October 2010

On the other hand, tomorrow my junkie HEC Cougar 700CM will be sold for 600 bucks for good. Bye ~


Well, I just sold my Antec 300 case last night, and bought myself this new case. It’s a case that something i’m looking for. I know you would say that it’s more like a downgrade than an upgrade. But guys, not that I hated my Antec 300, but it doesn’t have a proper ventilation to cool up my Core i7 rig… It’s just so lacking, though I admit Antec is one of the best brands out there, but VS-9 is surely a competing case. To sum things up, here’s my description and comparison:

AeroCool PGS VS-9 PROs:

– Lots of mesh and you can even put lots more fans (2x 140mm Top; 2x 140mm Bottom; 2x 120mm Front)
– Meshed bottom, so my HEC Cougar can breathe now ^_^
– Smaller and more compact
– Water Cooling ready
– Lots of internal drive bays
– 5.7kg versus 7.2kg (Antec 300; well there’s a reason behind it though)
– Security locks for drive bays and PCI peripherals

AeroCool PGS VS-9 CONs:

– 0.6mm Japanese Steel is not much to Antec 300’s (that’s why it’s lighter)
– Paint finish is smooth but keep it away from sharp objects (or the black finish will become silver!)
– The included fan (120mm) placed on the rear part is a waste of time and power so better take it off or just place it on the HDD bracket.

I was so surprised that my overall hardware temperature got better:


VS-9 has 9 removable drive bays, so any expansions, storage or anything you would like to install in your machine, can be done easily. For harddisk drives, VS-9 comes with plastic brackets where you can put your HDD and eliminate vibration. In fact, you can also attach 120mm fans on these plastic brackets. They can be easily placed and removed from the chassis by means of the so-called screwless design, which is the red-colored circle that you see in each sides of the drive bays.

My Radeon HD4850 card fits well in the chassis, just like my Intel X58 motherboard. However, I did some research first if my Deepcool Killer Whale would fit on it. Thankfully, it did fit with no problem at all.

The next big thing for me is whether to create another desktop build in the near future. I think X58 will be phased out soon, including the Nehalem microarchitecture. Anyhow, I wouldn’t be surprised if people will buy AeroCool chassis from now on, instead of the heavier brands out there. Thanks to AeroCool. VS-9 is completely satisfying. You can check out the full product specifications of VS-9 here.

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HEC | Cougar 700CM

Cougar CM are a series of Power Supplies by HEC (High-Quality Evolution Commitment), a Taiwan-based company owned by the well-known Compucase Enterprise Ltd. The high-end among all the Cougar CM series is the 700CM which packs with 700Watts total power, enough to satisfy hardcore gamers like me, and is able to operate 2 GPUs (CrossFireX or SLI) of the current generation, with a stylish reddish-orange design to attract gamers. I bought the Cougar 700CM @ PCHub for PHP4,200, as part of my new Core i7 Rig build.

Features of Cougar 700CM:

Type: ATX12V V2.2 / EPS12V V2.91
Maximum Power: 700W Continuous @ 40°C
Fans: 1 x 140mm Ultra Quiet Thermal-Controlled Ball Bearing Fan
PFC: Active
Main Connector: 20+4Pin+12V Rails 2
PCI-E Connectors: 2 x 6Pin, 2 x 8Pin CrossFire Certified SLI NVIDIA HYBRID-SLI Certified – 9800 GX2
Modular: Yes
Efficiency: Up to 87% Efficiency
Energy-Efficient: 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified
Over Voltage Protection: Yes
Overload Protection: Yes
Input Voltage: 100 – 240 V
Input Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
Input Current: 10A
Output: +3.3V@24A, +5V@20A, +12V1@30A, +12V2@30A, -12V@0.5A, +5VSB@2.5A
Approvals: FCC, UL (E199442), ROHS
Dimensions: 6.5″(L) x 5.9″(W) x 3.4″(H)

Connectors 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
1 x 8Pin EPS 12V
1 x 4Pin ATX 12V
6 x peripheral
6 x SATA
1 x Floppy
2 x 6Pin PCI-E
2 x 8Pin PCI-E
Features Dual independent and stable +12V rails promote the best performance to gamers
Supports the newest specifications of ATX12V & EPS12V
Extremely Low Noise Level at < 23dB NVIDIA SLI and CrossFire certified Ultra Quiet Smart Fan Design Modular cable design allows you to detach connectors freely and use only the cables you need Very high efficiency (> 87%) = better power consumption and less heat
Created for usage with current and next-generation multi-core CPU and GPU platforms


– Reddish-Orange stylish design that makes it attractive
– Ultra Large fan below the PSU Structure
– Safety switch in the rear part, accesible at the back of the PC
– Super durable Snake-skin-like cables
– efficient energy saving
– CrossFireX and SLI-Ready


None so far… this one died, very short lifespan. I don’t know if it’s a defect, or the manufacturing is really faulty (check this link).

Performance: 8/10 [ultra-quiet, large 700Watts power]
Value: 7/10 [it’s cheaper than Huntkey’s same 700watts PSU plus, it’s worthy]
Design: 9/10 [reddish-oranged colored theme attracts hardcore gamers]
Overall Rating: 9/10
My Comment: im giving it a perfect score since it fits really well for Black Honey…i’ll see if it fits again when i had another HDD and GPU.I recommend everyone not to buy it anymore, based on my experience.

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INTEL | Desktop Board DX58SO


Recently I have built my first ever custom rig with the newest micro-architecture called “Nehalem” on it. This means that I’m gonna use the new Core i7 CPUs and the new X58 chipset, both by Intel. Now I have my Core i7 920, one thing’s left, a motherboard. Came across a lot of options in choosing the finest motherboard for the i7 CPU that will fit in my budget, of course with all the nicest features.

Among my options for an LGA 1366 motherboard were:

– Intel DX58SO Desktop Board OEM [PHP10,999]
– ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 [PHP19,500]*
– ASUS Rampage II Extreme [PHP23,150]*
– ASUS Rampage II Gene [PHP17,000]*
– Gigabyte GA-E X58-UD3R [PHP14,110]
– Gigabyte GA-E X58-UD5 [PHP16,450]
– Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME [PHP21,060]
– MSI X58 Platinum [PHP13,500]
– MSI X58 Pro [PHP9,999]*

And I’ve made up my mind. I ended up choosing the OEM version of the Intel DX58SO which PCHub offers at only 10,999 with 2years warranty (a year more than the competing brands). And since it is from Intel itself, I’m giving my trust on it more, that it will last longer with supreme durability. Technically, the DX58SO has the following specifications:

– codenamed “SmackOver”
– SKU code: DX58SO
– redesigned ICH10 South bridge chipset
– LGA 1366 or Socket B
– No memory controller [as it is embedded in Core i7]
– Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI)
– supports NVidia SLI and ATI Crossfire X Multi-GPU Technology [two x16 or four x8 PCI Express 2.0]
– Full support of next-generation ATI CrossFire* and Nvidia SLI*
– ATX Form Factor
– Four 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets
– Support for DDR3 1600 MHz, DDR3 1333 MHzς, DDR3 1066 MHz
– Support for up to 16 GB of system memory
– Intel® X58 Express Chipset
– Intel® High Definition Audio subsystem in the following configuration:
10-channel (7.1) Dolby Home Theater* Audio subsystem with five analog audio outputs and two S/PDIF digital audio outputs (coaxial and optical) using the Realtek* ALC889 audio codec
– Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbits/sec) LAN subsystem
– Twelve USB 2.0 ports (8 external ports, 2 internal headers)
– Six Serial ATA 3.0 GB/s ports, including 2 eSATA port with RAID support supplied by a Marvell* controller
– Two IEEE-1394a ports (1 external port, 1 internal header)
– Consumer IR receiver and emitter
– One PCI Conventional* bus add-in card connectors (SMBus routed to PCI Conventional bus add-in card connector)
– One primary PCI Express* 2.0 x16 (electrical x16) bus add-in card connector
– One secondary PCI Express 2.0 x16 (electrical x16) bus add-in card connector
– One PCI Express* 1.0a x16 (electrical x4) bus add-in card connector
– three year limited warranty
– Intel Matrix Storage Technology
– Intel Rapid Recover Technology
– Intel Turbo Memory
– Serial ATA (SATA) 3 Gb/s
– USB Port Disable
– SATA Port Disable

More information can be found here.

As it is now in my hands, up and running, I have observed the key factors of this motherboard that might outperform the other competing brands. The good things were:

– Stable
– Clean-looking
– Lots of expansions slots
– CrossFireX-support
– easy to clean, unlike high-end boards with lots of heat spreaders
– 8 built-in USB 2.0 ports

And while it has a lot of good features, there were still things that makes it “lacking”, and that includes the following:

– since mine is an OEM version, definitely, there’s no Box inlcuded
– there’s no X58 Exprees Chipset sticker included
– no USB 3.0-support
– it has a maximum DDR3 support of 1066MHz, whilst my Corsair XMS3 is rated at 1333MHz (I can make it work only if I flash the system’s BIOS)
– pretty hard to OC

Anyhow, I am super satisfied with the current performance of this motherboard, together with my Core i7 920 CPU as well as the entire system. It will be funny to say that I can predict that this thing will last for more than 5 years, with regular cleaning and maintenance. Although it runs hot compared to common motherboards, it is safe to say that it is expected that Nehalem processors are hot by nature, but outperforms AMD Phenom in a million ways. Good OEM, though!

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Intel Core i7 920

hi there geekies… so, what’s up? well, now, finally, i have the best next-gen processor today… it’s the Core i7!!!
oh, so what’s the story? ok… here it is (in timeline LoL)

+ October 2007 – mom arrived from saipan (from work) and told her we should buy Vista Home Premium for her Lappie, and buy either a new dual-core or quad-core desktop pc. that time is the rose od the Intel Core 2 processors, so, dual-core processor are still doing the best… and the only quad-core out is only the Q6600 (which is now phased out)… -failure-

+ June 2008 – 2nd year 1st trimester, summer days just finished (we’ve gone to lucban and tayabas). this is the time when i’m having insomnias, got addicted to skateboarding (and asked mom for money to buy dustin dollin’s no skool shoe), played cabal online for hours (force blader, up to level 18 i guess), dled a lot od movies (twins effect, forbidden kingdom, etc) throuhg torrent, and most specially, became acertified SONE (gir’s generation fan) and addicted to K-Pop. that time, i became a netizen, and since i still download episodes of You Are My Destiny, i noticed, my harddrives getting full…answer? Burner! burned a lot of DVDs and CDs… few weeks later, my Sony DVD-RW became a crap…so, tried to just save the episodes through my brother’s ipod (working like a harddisk, right?). since i became a netizen, well, of course, i shouldn’t forget the geeky me… asked mom to buy me pc parts through… i remember, i was choosing between the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 or the AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edtion… that time also, i started to like the Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4850 Toxic coz’ it’s cool!… but still, i failed… my mom told me we should just buy here in PH not outside the country, i also realized that since the warranties of those things…

+ Late October – November 2008 – this is the worst time of year 2008 for me. early October, my mom bought me my Samsung F480 Tocco (replacement of Anycall Haptic), as my Birthday Gift… later on… arrgghhh! our house! it got renovated… so, no money for all… dammit! so… i just focused on my studies, coz’ it just pisses me off everytime i think about it… -failure, really!-

+ February 2009 – Happy New Year!!! LoL… no, i was busy this time. SNSD cameback, and i had to finish my thesis… and the worst thing is, my old P$ pc got wrecked… like it wont run anymore… so i ended up doing my thesis in some computer shop out there… poor kid LoL

+ Mach 2009 – Graduation! joke… i finished my thesis, school is finished too, and i’m excited to be a 3rd year student! well, this is the time my mom bout me Black Honey! -success!-

So, what’s new in Intel Core i7???

– LGA 1366 or Socket B (so i need to buy that type of mobo)
– On-die memory controller: the memory is directly connected to the processor
– Three channel memory, DDR3 support only
– No ECC support
– Intel QuickPath Interconnect interface replaced the Front Side Bus
– 32 KB L1 instruction and 32 KB L1 data cache per core
– 256 KB L2 cache (combined instruction and data) per core
– 8 MB L3 (combined instruction and data) “inclusive”, shared by all cores
– Single-die device: all four cores, the memory controller, and all cache are on a single die
– “Turbo Boost” technology
– the return of Hyper-threading – this means that there is 4 cores physically, but 8 cores logically (that’s why it’s cool!)
– 45nm
– 731M transistors
– 263 mm2 Die size
– Support for SSE4.2 & SSE4.1 instruction sets

Intel Core i7 920 Specifications:

– Released on 2008-11-17 (i bought it April 2009 in PCHub)
– Thermal Design Power of 130 W
– 2.66GHz ~ 2.67GHz x 4
– Core Multiplier is 20
– 1x 4.8 GT/s
– 1.2 Voltage
– Codenamed Bloomfield

the Pros:

– so fast, that you can’t even determine the so-far ahead of the core i7 920 to my old pentium 4 2.4GHz Northwood LoL
– excellent in multi-tasking
– good-looking!
– i can play, so many games at the same time (GTA4, RA3, GH3, Burnout Paradise, NFS UC all at the same time)
– 8-core logically makes me sick!
– the super mini sized 45nm amazed me
– the included fan works so well, don’t need to buy the V8 for now (but i’m planning to)
– i think this cpu will last for 5 years or more
– silent.. and stable
– the boxing is quite cool too

the Cons:

– as of now, nothing… i just heard that intel is releasing a 6-core physically and 12-core logically in the near future.
– i have no right to compare this processor to AMD Phenom II X4, since, in my life, i havent tried an AMD processor for my pc (unless in comp shops). but still, i prefer Intel Core i7 more, i heard the Phenom II X4 is just game and media centric, and that i need fast and stable pc since i am a programmer.


Vista: 8-Cores

Vista: 8-Cores

Desktop + CPU-Z

Desktop + CPU-Z














Core i7 920 Box

Core i7 920 Box

Performance: 10/10 [stable, quiet, fast and cool]
Value: 9.5/10 [it’s not pricey… i bought it @ PHP 13,990 @ PCHub, same price with Core 2 Quad Q9950]Overall Rating: 9.75/10
Comment: i really recommend everyone who’s building a new rig to choose this processor series, whether the 920 like mine, or faster ones like the 940, 950, 965, 975… it’s good for gaming, programming and all of what you do in your desktops… and good for over-clocking too!


PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

hello everyone! just happen to show you 20% fragment of Black-Honey. It’s just one factor how my Black-Honey became a super wild beast, a next-gen gametop (just combined game + desktop LoL). well, i have the PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

So, why did i chose the HD4850 Play! by PowerColor???

-i guess it’s cheaper (LoL), i bought @ PHP6500.00 ($130) in PCHub altogether with the rest of Black-Honey’s fragments…
-i’ve given the chance to choose from the PCS+ and Play! edtion. the PCS+ edition offers 1GB GDDR3 while Play! only offers 512MB GDDR3 (that’s why it’s cheaper)… PCS+’s Fan is colored metallic-red, while Play! is colored Black (and i like it!)
-i heard from various reliable sites (such as that this GPU is an OC version (overclocked) so that means, it’s better than other HD4850 GPUs there (man, i really wanted the Toxic version of Sapphire)
-my last card is a Sapphire Radeon 9250, so before, i really wanted that toxic version, but i realize i should try other brand names just like PowerColor (PowerColor is an American Company, subsidiary of FoxConn (Taiwan))

And yeah, Black-Honey is already built, and the Pros are:

-silent and stale GPU
-design is very cool, i like the Black Fan…
-it wasn’t that big
-it performs so well, running so much apps
-my max. resolution (based on my Samsung SyncMaster 943snx) is 1360×768… the GPU i think has higher max. resolution…
-performs so well in 3dsmax 2009
-i can play GTA IV, Red Alert 3, Burnout Paradise, Crysis Warhead, etc. without having any issues…all smooth!!!

-in terms of performance, i guess…none
-but in the package… a lot!
-no CrossFireX cable included
-the Manual is a crap (just a piece of white paper)
-driver is not reliable…damn
-but still… it’s cool!

Full Specifications:

Graphics Engine:     RADEON HD4850
Video Memory:       512MB GDDR3
Engine Clock:            635MHz
Memory Clock:        993MHz x 2
Memory Interface  256bit
DirectX Support:     10.1
Bus Standard:           PCIE 2.0

Video Input:

VGA Output:             Yes, By DVI to VGA converter
HDTV Output:          Yes, By HDTV Cable
TV Output:                Yes, By TV-OUT Bracket
DVI Output:              DVI-I x 1 + Display Port x 1
Dual-link DVI:          Yes
HDMI Support:        Yes, on board
HDCP Support:        Yes

Pictures (Official):

PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

Pictures (with Black-Honey):

Top View

Rear View [DVI-I, HDMI, DisplayPort]Front View [Transistors, Batteries, Fan, structure]Side View [Connected to my Intel X58 Extreme Board]Fan Side View [Connected via PCI-Express 2. x16]Fan View [PowerColor Logo]GPU-Z:

GPU-Z Main Tab

GPU-Z Main Tab

GPU-Z Advanced Tab

GPU-Z Advanced Tab


Useful Links:

PowerColor Official Website – Official 4850HD Play! Product Page
PhotoBucket – Pictures of My 4850HD Play!
PCHub – PowerColor HD4850 Play! Profile

Perfromance: 9.8/10 [play GTA IV smoothly]
Value: 10/10 [it’s worthy to place PHP6500.00 to this cool GPU
Design: 9.5/10 [i prefer the red fan od PCS+ edition]
Accesories: 8/10 [no CrossFire X bracket, manual is a crap]

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

My Comment: i’ve given it a 9.3 out of 10 rating since, the included accesories are craps… but still the perfromance did so well…

Black SONE

Recently, my Mom managed to buy me the computer set I’ve been dreaming of, for Gaming, Multimedia, Programming and other things I can use it to in school. Overall, it’s worth 60,000PHP. A bit pricey just because it has almost all the latest in the market, specially the processor which is an Intel Core i7, a recently released powerful quad-core processor.

– Black Honey –


CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
MOBO: Intel Bulk DX58SO
RAM: 6GB Tri-Channel Corsair XMS3
GPU: PowerColor Ati Radeon HD4850 Play!
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB S-ATA
PSU: Hec Cougar Series 700CM 700Watts
ODD: LG GH22 Super Multi DVD RW
CASE: Antec 300 Versatile Midtower Gaming Case
LCD: Samsung SyncMaster 943snx 18.5″
MOUSE & KEYBOARD: Logitech EX-100


OS: Microsft Windows Vista Eternity 2009 x64 (modded by Rockers Team International)



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