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EVENT | …with Good Charlotte

This day, I finally got my picture with Good Charlotte taken during their live performance here in Manila, in Glorietta‘s Activity Center in particular. I’m so happy. I came all theway from school after finishing some important papers related to my graduation, and decided to go to Picture City in Ayala MRT Station together with my best buddy, Conte.

In this photo, I’m the guy next to Benji Madden, almost in the center. Look at me. Eternal Happiness~

It’s way too hot to go outside but that is not a problem with me, as long as I’m with my best bud. We keep talking and talking until the end, that’s what I like about him. We came from a far away area, so far from Makati City, and getting this thing wasn’t a serious matter for some people, but I’m sorry, I’m a GC fan for a long time now.

By the way, I would like to thank Ayala, PolyEast Records, EMI and Manila Concert Scene for getting Good Charlotte back in town. It was fun meeting them. To those kids who eventually gave me the chance to see them face to face, thanks. To Picture City for their warm welcome response earlier, thanks. To my bestbud Conte for joining in my journey, thanks. To Good Charlotte who keeps on inspiring both young kids and aspiring young kids, really thanks. To God of course, thanks. 🙂

|> Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly


EVENT | Good Charlotte: Live in Manila [D-Day]

So just like what my earlier post said, it is now time for me to watch my all-time favorite band Good Charlotte hit the stage and sing all-night. It was a pleasure for me to see them in person.

Firstly, thinking of how far my house is from the venue, it’s a bit tiring to go. However, we still went and we took an MRT ride in Quezon Ave. It took us almost an hour and we arrived at the Ayala MRT Station at 6PM, just in time to see the crowd, waiting to see GC perform. Near the entrance, there, you could buy their latest CD, Cardiology.

The problem is, we’re late to have the opportunity to see them while sitting in front. Instead, we’re just standing at the back, but satisfyingly enough to see them perform. And there’s that huge screen on top of Dean Butterworth’s drumset! Surprisingly, someone offered me to buy his ticket, for 250bucks. I did not deal with him, thinking of my older sister and brother.

The show started finally at around 6:30PM and everyone have gone crazy. People I see are almost teenagers or college kids, but I was a bit surprised seeing some moms, some middle-aged men, etc. It’s variety!

Good Charlotte took over the stage with the intro track from Cardiology, and then they followed it with their 2003 hit single, “The Anthem”. Basically, it’s a song for teenage kids to not follow the trend and waste life. A very good and meaningful song, that everyone enjoyed. The feeling was, like everyone’s jumping up and down, just like how the bass of the songs are.

What’s really fun to see is how Good Charlotte perform with energy while everyone’s into the song, jumping up and down, singing their loudest and waving their arms. And everytime a song ends, the Madden brothers, like what they usually do, they keep on talking and telling some stories like their experience here in Manila and how they missed it after their last tour back in 2005. The Maddens is so funny when they say “Yeah, man!”, and then there’s that moment when Joel said “Mahal~ ko kayo”. My sister couldn’t forget that, specially before they sang Like It’s Her Birthday, when Benji said “everytime we come here in the Philippines, I feel like it’s my birthday!”.

While the show continues, the three of us keeps on taking video, and to our surprise, MYX was there, doing some interview with our co-audiences. I’m not sure about this, but I guess we were also filmed, as the cameraman keep on taking video in our area.

The performance lasted for almost 2-3 hours, and everyone was so pleased. I feel like my wish during my teenage days for almost 7 years was finally fulfilled. I just felt envious of those people lucky enough to meet and great the band in the stage, and also those people who have an opportunity to get their CD’s signed by the band. T~T

Looking for a fast food chain to eat at, we came back to the Activity Center, and to my surprise, some teenage kids came, giving free stubs to meet and greet the band! It’s like, OMG! Now’s my chance to chat a little with the band, see my idols, the Madden twins, and tell Paul that we share the same birthday! And that’s what happened! It goes like this,

Me: Hey there, Paul!
Paul: Hey there, buddy
Me: You know what, we share the same birthday.
Paul: October 5..?
Me: Yup!
Paul: Cool.. My daughter was also born on October 5..
Me: ohhhh… (I was like, wow… I didn’t know that!)

Now, Song Seung Hoon-hyung is the only one left, then a group of handsome guys whose birthday is on October 5 will have a face off! Anyway, I had the chance to greet them all and shake hands. It was unbelievably true, just like how I realized that I’m almost taller than Benji! In the end, the crew took a group photo of me and the band, and I was next to Billy. I will post the photo soon, after I claim it in Picture City on April 13. I’m definitely anticipating for it. 🙂 EDIT (110415): It’s here now, just click me. 🙂

It was a sigh that I won’t be able to get my CD signed by the band, I even brought my old The Chronicles of Life and Death and Good Morning Revival CD, as well as my old Pulp Magazine, but anyway, what’s more important is that I had a lot of fun, even my older sister and brother, and had a chance to meet and greet and take a photo with the band. I’m really thanking God for this. Thank you God 🙂

Oh, and I shouldn’t forget about the videos I took, here they are:

Currently, this video playlist only includes videos I took, which is in a very bad quality. I’m gonna upload my sister’s and brother’s soon.

|> Good Charlotte – I Don’t Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)

EVENT | Good Charlotte: Live in Manila

I heard about the news through Good Charlotte’s website, as well as a newly created Facebook eventpage only for the event. After knowing that my long-time idols are coming back to my country, all my hope rose suddenly.

I started listening to Good Charlotte songs the time after my Dad passed away some months after my 13th birthday. It was 2005 and the band is currently promoting their 3rd effort entitled “The Chronicles of Life and Death”, and their latest carrier single called “Predictable”. That time, I’m not yet into real heavy metal bands, but only those popular ones whose music videos are always viewable in either MTV or MYX. The Chronicles of Life and Death, basically it is a concept album about every person’s life after being born in this world, the opportunity to live gracefully, have annoying problems, have a family and die. That record really helped me a lot to understand why my Dad left us, me being the weakest among the three of us. I remember this song called “We Believe”. That song always make me remember my suffering back then, and how I coped up with my own teenage problems, with just a little advice from my family. Thinking of those times right now makes me feel stronger, saying that after all, “I made it”.

The 3rd quarter of 2005 was an opportunity to for me to see these guys in person. It was a concert of the band brought by Pulp Magazine. They’re gonna be here in my country to perform in Folk Arts Theater with some local bands like Chicosci, Kamikaze, etc on the 8th of July.

Although I have no money coz’ I was just a highschool stundent, I still managed to buy myself their album plus a Pulp Magazine with them as the cover. Oh, and it has a free gen-ad ticket to the concert! Here, take a look:

Thanks to Pulp, I have a ticket to ride… But as you can see, it’s still there, it’s sill in my side. Why? that’s definitely because I did not go, I have no one to invite, thinking that there’s only one ticket. And even if I have the courage to go, my Mom would get worried, and I don’t want that. 😦

In anyway, after all the years and my patience, even after those new great bands I learned, they are still my number one and now they’re going back to my country to sing. And this could be my opportunity to see them live, in my own eyes. My opportunity to tell the Madden twins how much they’re like an idol to me, to tell Billy Martin how great he is now when doing those guitar solos, as well as Dean, and to tell Paul that we share the same birthday, October 5! Oh, and I heard in the news that our Benji will have a tattoo session here!

Let’s find out on the 6th of April, 6PM in Glorietta Activity Center!

|> Good Charlotte – Movin’ On

[2008] Good Charlotte – The Greatest Remixes

Greatest Remixes

Album: Greatest Remixes
Artist: Good Charlotte

Release Type: Compilation/Remix Album
Release Date: November 24, 2008
Genre: Dance Rock, Dance Punk, Hip-hop, Synth Pop
Label: Sony BMG-Epic-Daylight
Producer: Good Charlotte, Josh Madden, Junior Sanchez

Track List:

1. Los Angeles World Wide ehh i think it’s not just a remix, but a remake… the full song has changed anyway. the song is remixed by Junior Sunchez, one of the producer of this record and a very good colleague of Good Charlotte. anyway, this song is good as the number one track. i love how Joel Madden sound in the intro.

2. Anxiety this isn’t actaully a remix or a remake, though it sounds much like Broken Hearts Parade, it’s actually a B-Side of Good Morning Revival, but i don’t know why they didn’t release it sooner. nothing special in the song coz’ it sounds like what Good Charlotte is now.

3. Broken Hearts Parade this song features Tabi Bonney and Philieano as guest artists and Marshall Arts as remixer of the song. i think this is one of my favorite in this record. it’s like a ska… or ska-punk, with hip-hop in the middle part. it’s good to play this song when you’re having your vacation… really cool sound!!! i even put this on my haptic phone now coz’ it’s nice to listen to it. two thumbs up to this song…

4. Fight Song and this one features one of my favorite hip-hop rapper in town… The Game!. there’s also Jay-E for the remixing of this song. i think this is an unreleased song, i heard the “ohhh!.. that exits!” sound before. i have a Good Charlotte track called Money Makes Ya’ Kill A Man, i heard that part there, and also to Hilary Duff’s Material Girl version. ehh this track is good for a racing game, like Need For Speed. and Joel Madden is so harcore to this song, this is the second time i heard his voice like that, the other one is from The Young and the Hopeless…Two Thumbs Up Again…xD

5. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl LoL this is very hippie, featuring Bubba Sparxxx and Jung Tru as guests and the Dead Executives itself as the remixer…cool!!! it sounded like Money in the Bank… yow! =)

6. I Just Wanna Live i heard something from the I Just Wanna Live Full Phatt Remix…the girl one… ehh forget it.. anyway this song is remixed by Teddy Reilly. uhmm i’m not used to this song… just a cool one. but annoying remix.

7. The Anthem this is remixed by Million Mano… a very good remix though. featuring Hollywood Holt…

8. All Black i don’t know why Good Charlotte remixed this song, while this isn’t there single but just a part of Good Morning Revival. uhmm nothing else to say coz’ this sng really don’t catch my taste vut as long as it’s a Good Charlotte record, i’ll make it grow on me. btw the song features Mat Dvine as guest and The White Tie Affair as remixer.

9. Little Things this song isn’t as good as i expected, but i’ll make it grow on me because Patrick Stump remixed this song… cool… pop punk unite!!!

10. Dance Floor Anthem the song is a cover of another pop punk/dance punk band which is now my favorite, Metro Station. i’m so glad about this cover. this is so cool…

11. Predictable featuring Stress the Whiteboy remixer and Rahzii Hi-Power as guest. i love the remix but don’t have time to listen to it over and over again.

12. Girls and Boys a nice remix by Ed Banger Allstars… i’m listening to it these days…

13. The Young and the Hopeless this is a cool remix by Mr. Joseph Hahn of Linkin Park. the mood is quite sad but the sound does like a Fort Minor song.

14. Hold On this is being remixed by the band The Academy Is… and it’s quite cool that pop punk bands are uniting through this record… cool! xD you can hear their vocalist in the chorus part…

15. Where Would Be Now this is such a quite good remix by Troublemaker. he made the song sound like a lullaby. very well done xD

My Comment: this is a nice record by Good Charlotte and the rest of their friends. it’s also nice to hear that they’re back to the studio again for a fifh album which is getting back to the pop punk roots…

My Rating: 9/10

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